Wednesday, August 15, 2007

more about huckabee

From the article linked above:

Why isn't a fabulous campaigner like Huckabee in the first tier of candidates?

Everyone knows the answer: money. In this year's second quarter, Rudy Giuliani raised $17 million and spent $11 million; Mitt Romney raised almost $14 million and spent close to $21 million. Even McCain, his campaign in a tailspin, raised over $11 million (and spent $13 million). Huckabee? He raised $763,610 and spent $702,622.

In Iowa, Huckabee tried to turn his immense underdog status into an advantage: "I can't buy you -- I don't have the money," Huckabee told Iowa straw poll voters. Then he frowned, "I can't even rent you."

But the failure of such a talented pol to fund his campaign tells a not-so-funny tale of the great gaping hole in the center of the so-called movement of Christian conservatives into politics: They do not yet have the networks, or the structures, to finance a champion of their own.
And that explains a lot about why so many social conservatives, after contributing to so many electoral victories, still feel like the unloved stepchild of GOP politics -- beggars can't be choosers.

I don't necessarily agree with the above sentiments, but I understand them. It is true that there isn't one central organization that is channeling money and support to Christian conservative candidates, but that's not necessarily a disadvantage.

When the horrific "comprehensive immigration reform bill" came up for debate in the Senate, was there one central organization that pushed for its defeat? No. Ordinary people decided to stand up and be heard on the issue and they acted. Loudly! The Senate heard from conservatives and moderate Democrats and blacks and whites and men and women and young people and old people and even an amazing number of Hispanic-Americans who became citizens legally. In other words, the outcry cut across most political lines. Nobody organized all of that hullabaloo. Yes, conservative talk radio played a part, but a large number of the people who called and wrote to their Senators never listen to conservative talk radio. They aren't "Rush Babies" or "Ditto-Heads." Americans, and lots of them, made their voices heard and created change.

That's how Mike Huckabee will have to win the presidency. Faithful, church-going Christians will have to stand up and make their voices heard. They will have to make the decision to support Huckabee with their time, their talents, their treasures, their voices and their prayers. And they will have to vote for him in the primaries.

Let me tell you something right now. I wasn't always a Huckabee supporter. Some of his tax decisions leave me a little unimpressed, and I worry about his lack of experience in military and foreign affairs. As I ponder this situation, though, I keep coming back to a few basic truths. Huckabee is committed to the Fair Tax, and that's good for America. Huckabee is solidly committed to the sanctity of life and the preservation of the traditional family, and that's good for America. Huckabee is rock solid in his fight against the forces of cultural Marxism, and America needs a man like that in the White House. Huckabee is committed to securing America's borders as the first step in sensible immigration reform, and that's good for America. Huckabee believes that the Constitution says what it means and means what it says, and that any talk of a "living constitution" is a bunch of hogwash. He is committed to appointing federal judges who share that philosophy, and that's good for America. Huckabee is committed to free market capitalism and that is good for America. Huckabee believes in the same ideals that Pres. Reagan believed in: rugged individualism, the superiority of the "American Way" and the belief that our right to life, liberty and property come from God and can't be taken away from us by any human. That's good for America!

Please support Mike Huckabee with your prayers. We haven't had a president who is a principled conservative and who openly loves and worships God and His Son Jesus Christ since Ronald Reagan. America needs just such a man today.


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