Wednesday, August 15, 2007

more questions for liberals who believe in human sacrifice

The Old Testament of the Bible talks about how many, if not most, of the pagan religions of that time used human sacrifice as one of their rituals. Child sacrifice was particularly prevalent. Fast forward to the 21st Century and it seems that nothing much has changed.

The pagan religion known as cultural Marxism, or radical leftism, or secular humanism, or The Official Religion of the Democrat Party, or whatever you want to call it, still practices child sacrifice. It's called abortion, and the followers of this pagan religion will stop at nothing to keep this barbaric practice legal.

Read the article I linked to above. It discusses the relatively new practice of lethal injections for unborn babies past the 20 week mark. This is the strategy used by the professional baby killers to avoid prosecution under the new Partial Birth Abortion Ban, and it is something I have posted comments about a couple of times during the past week. The article raises a number of interesting questions:

1. Are partial birth abortions rare or not? For years, the baby killing industry has claimed that the procedure is extremely rare, so legislation banning the procedure is not warranted. Now, the official association of America's baby killers says that the ban has created havoc within the industry. Were they lying then, or are they lying now?

2. Death penalty opponents say that lethal injections for convicted rapists and murderers is cruel and unusual punishment. They say that there are too many dangers associated with the procedure, and that a "humane, progressive culture" would ban the barbaric procedure. Are the dangers different when giving a lethal injection to a baby? Does the baby experience pain as he/she has the poisonous Dioxin injected into his/her heart? Does the baby squirm? Does the needle hurt? If somebody stuck a large needle into my heart, I think I would feel pain.

3. What happens if the professional baby killer misses the baby's heart with the poison. Will it hurt the mother? Is this a disclosure that should be provided with "informed consent?"

4. What happens if the needle tears the baby's heart apart during the procedure? Will the leaking Dioxin hurt the mother? Will the baby scream as his/her heart shreds?

Have you ever seen Jeff Foxworthy do one of his "You Know You're a Redneck If....." routines? Well, I intentionally made the above questions as brutal as possible in an attempt to borrow from the genius of Foxworthy.

You know you're a liberal can read those questions and not cry. You know you're a liberal support this ghoulish procedure. You know you're a liberal if.....your heart doesn't break over the atrocities we allow to be committed in the name of "choice." In fact, if your heart isn't breaking, then you know you don't have a heart. You should immediately sign up as a Democrat and start supporting your local baby killer.


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