Tuesday, August 14, 2007

good riddance to karl rove


The MSM, and even conservative media outlets like WorldNetDaily, says that Karl Rove was "the architect" behind Pres. Bush's wins in 2000 and 2004. Nonsense! Grassroots conservatives organized and joined together to defeat a couple of Democrat candidates that we found unacceptable--Al Gore and John Kerry. Rove didn't do anything to convince conservatives that having a couple of leftist socialists elected president was a bad idea. In fact, I would say that Rove was the man responsible for nearly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in both elections.

In 2000, Bush ran against the incumbent V.P. Gore served in an administration that, in two consecutive elections, had more people vote against them than for them. This was not a popular administration! Gore himself was something of a "dork step-brother" to Bill Clinton. Same socialist policies but none of the charm or charisma. Bush should have hammered him in the election! Instead, Bush actually won fewer popular votes than the "geek!"

In 2004, the Democrats ran a man who is absolutely unelectable. Even Democrats don't like Kerry. In the debates, Bush performed as if he had money bet on a Kerry victory. He never went after Kerry on the man's obvious weaknesses. Bush played around and almost lost that election to a man whose biggest accomplishment is marrying well!

All the while, Rove/Bush said all the right things to Christian conservatives and did all the wrong things. Their actions betrayed their true contempt for grassroots conservatives. That strategy cost the GOP both houses of Congress in 2006.

Karl Rove is "The Architect?" Yes he is--the architect of two almost losses in presidential elections that should have been big wins, and the architect of the landslide GOP defeat in 2006. That's nothing to be proud of!

The good news? The GOP now has a chance for redemption, because the grassroots conservatives are begging for change. If the national GOP listens to the base (and that's not a sure thing, by any means) we will see a landslide for the Republicans in 2008. If the GOP continues to follow the Rove strategy, we'll watch Pres. Hillary Clinton taking the oath of office in January 2009, and "First Bubba" Bill Clinton trolling for dates among the interns.


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