Monday, August 13, 2007

why are liberals so dedicated to murdering babies?

Look back to my post from yesterday and read the article I linked to. The national organization that all abortion doctors (professional baby killers) belong to has issued a protocol for dealing with the ban on partial birth abortion. Professional baby killers are now supposed to give a lethal injection to all unborn babies past the 20 week mark so that they are delivered dead. Then they can go ahead and throw the dead baby in the trash. I have no problem saying that, if this news doesn't horrify you, then you have no soul!

I have a few questions for the soulless ghouls in my reading audience who think all of this is OK:

1. Why is a lethal injection "cruel and unusual punishment" when it is administered to a murderer or a rapist on Death Row, but it's perfectly OK if it is a baby that is being killed?

2. By administering a "lethal" injection, the professional baby killer is acknowledging that he is killing a living, breathing human. Let's have no more talk of the unborn baby being no more than a blob of tissue.

3. Have any of you ever read what the Bible has to say about people who harm children? It's not good!

4. How in the world could a person sleep at night after performing one of these grisly procedures?

I hope that all of you will think about this as the various candidates for elective office campaign during the next year. Any candidate who doesn't recognize the sanctity of human life as one of the most vital issues facing our nation is not qualified to hold office.


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