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global warming update--some "inconvenient truths"

From the National Weather Service:

It has been cooler and wetter than normal across much of Texas this summer. While the rainfall has tapered off across the South Plains during July, temperatures have remained seasonably cool. High temperatures at the Lubbock Airport were on average 5.4 degrees lower than normal in May, 3.3 lower in June, and 2.6 lower in July. The yearly high temperature so far was 98 degrees on June 18th. The forecast weather pattern for early August indicates a slight warming trend up to near or slightly above our average of lower 90s. However, with the passing of our climatological peak in high temperature for the year, our chances for reaching or exceeded 100 degrees this year seem to be fading. The last time Lubbock failed to record a 100 degree temperature in a year was 1991, or over 15 years ago. Only four years in the record have we failed to reach the century mark. The following graph shows the historical record at Lubbock of temperatures reaching or exceeding 100 degrees. Please click on the graphic for a larger version.

From WGN in Chicago:

Saturday becomes the 19th consecutive day with a high below 90°. While this ninth weekend of meteorological summer promises to be eminently comfortable, its temperatures are likely to fall below normal thanks in part to Saturday’s NE winds. Five of the past eight weekends have fallen below seasonal norms. It’s a trend at odds with last year. Today’s date marked the beginning of Summer 2006’s longest hot spell of six straight 90s—including a 99° high! Though not as humid as in recent days, moisture in the lowest 4,000 feet of the atmosphere fosters cloud formation in the cooler hours (i.e. at night and in the early morning). Lighter winds in Sunday’s predawn could foster the development of fog patches, likely to burn off as temperatures warm in the afternoon.Big rains which swamped sections of Wisconsin with over 5” of rain Thursday night diminished as they settled into Illinois. Still, some north and west suburbs reported up to 0.80” of rain. (posted on July 28)

From and The Wichita Eagle:

As August arrives, Wichita has recorded zero days this year of temperatures reaching 100 or more.

None. Zip. Nada.

Wichita hasn't made it this far into a summer without reaching 100 since 1928. Herbert Hoover was president and the technological innovation sweeping the country was something called radio.

Extreme heat has been about the only thing missing from the weather this year.

Of course, the liberaliar intelligentsia won't let something as inconvenient as truth stand in the way of a good liberal lie, so look for the global warming charlatans to change terminology. Soon, they'll be talking about "climate change" instead of "global warming."

If at first the original lie doesn't succeed--lie, lie again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference between climate patterns and weather ol' buddy. What you are citing is recent weather. Climate is weather patterns over years and years. Don't attempt to show causation to a phenomenon that you clearly don't understand. If you understand that climate change is looking at years and years of averages and other massive amounts of compiled data, then you would understand how misleading it is to portray localized weather as proof that global warming is a myth. If you are going to take a stance such as this, at least try to come across like you thought it through. If you ever were awake long enough in science class to listen, you would have heard that the first golden rule in research methodology is correlation does NOT equal causation.

12:44 AM  
Blogger hondo said...

OK, Anonymous, I'm just a wooden-headed conservative, but I'm going to attempt to think this through with you. You say that there is a difference between local climate patterns and weather. You say that "climate" refers to weather over the course of years. Would those "years" go back as far as the 70's when the climate freaks were predicting another Ice Age? That turned out to be a little bit on the false side, didn't it? And we are supposed to believe you now?

Another point--roughly half of the world's climate scientists have looked at the "years and years" of data you so arrogantly speak of, and they have concluded that you and the other global warming alarmists are wrong. Do they not understand "correlation" and "equal causation?"

Another point--You say that there is a difference between weather and climate. Please answer one simple question. If the world's climate experts can't accurately predict the weather for the next 5 days, how in the world can they accurately predict the weather for the next 20 years?

You can huff and puff all you want about the difference between "climate" and "weather" (that's poppycock, by the way) and you can continue to play your little word games in a futile attempt to appear wise about this whole topic, but there are a couple of inconvenient truths that you just can't get around. First, liberals have never been right about climate change, going back decades. Second, half of the world's scientists believe you are full of hot air. And all of that liberal hot air is still not enough to melt the polar ice caps!

7:09 PM  

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