Tuesday, July 31, 2007

that matt lauer sure is one wacky liberal!

I had the misfortune this morning to be in the same room as a television that was turned on to whatever morning show Matt Lauer hosts. I wonder sometimes how the man is able to breathe without written instructions!

This morning, the topic was "boys." Specifically, Magic Matt was speaking to some sort of "expert" about all of the problems faced by boys in America. Boys are much more likely to commit suicide, qualify for special education, be diagnosed with behavioral, mental and psychological disorders, and to drop out of school. The conclusion that The Amazing Lauer and the "Expert" came to was that it was George Bush's fault. What????? Yes, sports fans, Pres. Bush has caused this to happen. It seems that schools can't afford to build playgrounds anymore because of No Child Left Behind. The lack of playgrounds has caused boys to die!

Wow! I guess I'm not qualified to host a morning show, because, unlike Matt Lauer, I actually have a brain and am able to use it!

Here are the facts. Beginning in the early 80's, America's liberaliars lectured us about how unfair life was for girls. America was "biased" in favor of boys. Girls were discriminated against at school. Boys must be punished for this.

Further, we were told by liberaliars that America's culture was programming boys to be block-headed Neanderthals. All traits that America traditionally viewed as "typically boy" (energetic, love of rough-housing, playing hard, etc.) were now to be viewed as "antisocial." Boys had to be raised in such a way that the "boyness" would be knocked out of them. So said the liberaliar intelligentsia.

Guess what? Millions of boys have been damaged. Is that any surprise? If you don't raise a boy to be a man, you end up with a damaged human who doesn't know who he is supposed to be. God made man and woman to be different. One is no better than the other, but they are meant to be different. To deny that, or worse, to intentionally tamper with the design created by God, is to invite disaster.

That's the truth, and George Bush has nothing to do with it.


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