Tuesday, July 31, 2007

in defense of hillary

All of you liberals out there need to brace yourself, because I am about to come to the defense of Hillary Clinton. I have many faults, but I am intellectually honest, and I will defend anyone, regardless of political persuasion, when they are right.

At the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate, Hillary and Barack Hussein Obama clashed over Obama's statement that he would meet with leaders of rogue nations like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran if he were president. Obama stated that, if elected president, he would meet with the despotic leaders of those nations without any pre-set conditions.

That's a dangerously ignorant position to take for several reasons. First, if there are no pre-set conditions that are wired in favor of U.S. foreign policy and national security interests, those nations gain the ability to use the meetings as propaganda tools to further their murderous agendas. Second, if we don't set the parameters of the meetings in advance, the other countries automatically win the right to set those parameters. That's not in the best interests of American foreign policy or national security. Third, without pre-set conditions, we go into those meetings on equal footing with those countries. That automatically creates the illusion of moral equivilancy with those nations. That is an illusion because, morally, we are superior to those nations. The United States has no desire to enslave or terrorize the world, but those rogue nations do. They are evil, amoral regimes and we are superior to them. To pretend otherwise is stupid and dangerous.

Hillary pounced on all of those points in her response to Obama's dangerously naive statement, and she was right to do so. All clear-thinking Americans should view Obama's statement as an immediate disqualifier for the office of the President. He doesn't have the knowledge or the wisdom to be Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America.

Guess what? According to the latest Rasmussen poll, 55% of all Democrat voters agree with Barack Hussein Obama, while only 22% agree with Hillary. That is flat-out amazing! How can so many members of a national political party be so dangerously ignorant? Hillary, for all of her faults, was 100% correct to hammer Obama on this point, regardless of what wrong-headed beliefs are held by the voters on the left.

Bottom line--Hillary was right, and Obama isn't qualified to be President.


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