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the aclu: enemy of america and christianity, and cultural marxist revolutionaries

Often times in the past, I have provided links to the writings of Rabbi Aryeh Spero. I find him to be a person who has an uncommon ability to sort through all of the blather that surrounds the issues of the day and to slice straight to the heart of the truth. He writes and thinks the way I wish I could.

This latest offering from Rabbi Spero is outstanding. It highlights the undeniable dishonesty and hypocricy of the ACLU and exposes that evil organization for what it is--a leftist, Marxist outfit whose sole mission is to destroy the Christian foundation of America and, in the process, destroy America. The ACLU is the legal arm of the cultural Marxists who control our media and entertainment industries, our public schools, our colleges and universities, our judicial system, and, increasingly, that vast wasteland known as the federal bureaucracy. They are relentless in their attempt to destroy the America created by the Founding Fathers, with the divine guidance of our Heavenly Father, and to rebuild it as the promised land of social justice and proletarian equality envisioned by Frederich Engels and Karl Marx.

A little history is in order here. Engels had written, in 1849, that there would be a "revolutionary world storm" in which the proletariat would rise up and destroy all of the institutions of evil capitalism. They would then embrace Karl Marx's call to communism. "Reactionary people" and "reactionary classes," in Engel's view, would be completely eradicated.

Seventy years later, capitalism was alive and well, the world storm caused by the rise of the proletariat had not happened, and all of the good leftists were perplexed. That is a phenomena, by the way, that continues to repeat itself. Leftists are always wrong, about almost everything, and they find this perplexing. They are persistent, though, so they never stop trying to force feed their cockamamie agenda upon the rest of us.

Anyway, back to the history lesson. After he conclusion of WWI, two separate Marxists--Antonio Gramsci of Italy and Georg Lukacs of Hungary--independently came to the same conclusion. The #1 barrier standing in the way of their "world storm" was the Christianized West. Both men believed that the West would have to be destroyed before a new communist world order could take hold.

Specifically, Gramsci believed that the worker class in the West had been corrupted by Christianity. His belief was that, because Christianity had been the dominant religion in the West for 2000 years, it had become an inseparable part of the culture. Bottom line--Gramsci believed that the West had to be "de-Christianized" by means of what he called a "long march through the culture." He also believed that a new proletariat had to be created, since the existing proletariat had been so corrupted by Christianity. This new proletariat would be made up of criminals, minorities, women, and others who, in Gramsci's opinion, would be easy to convince that they had been "disenfranchised."

According to Gramsci, the Marxists would have to declare an all-out war against the foundations of Western culture. The traditional family, science, history, schools and universities, churches, the media and entertainment industries, literature and the traditional Judeo-Christian mores of Western society were all targeted for destruction so that the culture would be wrecked. The devotees of Marxism would step into the breach and install the new proletariat at the top of the new power structure.

This strategy was first tried in Hungary, starting in 1919. Georg Lukacs became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bolshevik Bela Kun regime, and he immediately began a campaign to de-Christianize Hungary. His first assault was launched against the Christian sexual ethics of Hungarian children. Lukacs' thought was that, if the children could be taught to wholly reject the traditional Christian principles of sexuality, then the traditional family and the Christian Church would cease to exist in any sort of influential manner. How did Lukacs attempt to pull this off? By launching a radical sex education program in the schools. Sound familiar? Parents, priests, and anyone else who spoke out against the deviant sexual instruction in the schools were all intimidated into silence.

At the same time, the natural urges of children to rebel against authority were nurtured and encouraged. Lukacs wasn't entirely successful, however. The Hungarian working class became so impassioned against Lukacs' "cultural terrorism" that, when Romania invaded Hungary, the workers would not fight for the Bela Kun government, and it fell. Lukacs dropped out of sight for a short while, but reappeared in 1923 at a "Marxist Study Week" in Germany. The event was sponsored by a young millionaire named Felix Weil, a devout Marxist. Weil and his Marxist buddies were quite taken with the "wisdom" of Lukacs, and they bonded with him immediately.

Weil used a portion of his wealth to establish a Marxist think tank in Frankfort. His original intent was to name it the "Institute for Marxism," but Weil and his partners very quickly realized that the term "Marxism" would prejudice people against them, so they decided to conceal the true intent of the institute. They decided to call it the "Institute for Social Research," but it soon came to known simply as the Frankfort School. This is the official birthplace of the cultural Marxism that has infected American culture.

The work of the Frankfort School expanded very quickly, to the point where they were working on a comprehensive ideology--cultural Marxism on steroids, if you will. The new director of the Frankfort School, Max Horkheimer, made three significant changes to the principles of Marx that greatly advanced the cultural Marxist agenda.

First, Horkheimer posited that culture was much more than a mere part of the societal infrastructure, as had been taught by Marx. On the contrary, Horkheimer said that culture was one of the most influential, independent factors in shaping society.

Second, Horkheimer stated that it would not, in fact, be the working class that would be the revolutionaries who would transform society. The lessons of Hungary had made an impression on him. He didn't say just who the revolutionaries would be, but it definitely wouldn't be the working class.

Third, Horkheimer created a new school of thought by combining the principles espoused by Sigmund Freud with the principles of Marxism. Horkheimer stated that everyone who inhabited Western cultures was "psychologically repressed" and needed to be "liberated" through "psychological conditioning." I'll give you a modern example of that conditioning.

I vividly recall, as a kid in the 60's, hearing my mom talk about one of the popular TV soap operas. The producers of the show had revealed that one of the main characters was going to use the word "hell" as a curse word on an upcoming episode. Many people were shocked! Seems silly today, doesn't it? The producers wanted to introduce profanity into their shows. They used a fairly innocuous word (by today's standards), and then they used it again. And again. Then they used other words. As society got used to what was once offensive, TV continued to push the envelope. Today, there is not one single curse word imaginable that has not been used repeatedly on TV. We also have nudity and sexual content on TV. And most of America doesn't particularly care. That's psychological conditioning.

When Hitler came into power in Germany, the Marxist Frankfort School had to leave the country. They relocated to New York City.

I have droned on for way too long on this post, so I'll continue at another time. When I do, I'll show you how the cultural Marxism was refined and expanded here in America, and I'll show you how damaging it has been to our country.

In the meantime, don't forget to visit Easter People. It is my small effort to combat the forces of cultural Marxism. Thank you!


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