Saturday, April 14, 2007

interesting commentary on imus

This is all interesting commentary, and I agree with most of it, but I do take exception to one small bit of it. Rush Limbaugh made the following comment, comparing the Duke lacrosse case with the Imus/Rutgers mess, in the last link from above:

I want to point this out. If you look at the differences in the behavior and the character of two American universities, what happened when these baseless charges were filed by Mike Nifong down at Duke and then the whole faculty picked up on the mantra and they fired the coach, Duke immediately condemned the entire lacrosse team, canceled the season, fired the coach on an accusation of wrongdoing. Rutgers? What did Rutgers do? Rutgers immediately held a press conference to support the basketball players who are not what they were called. If you are a parent and you're thinking of sending your kid away to school, where would you rather send your kid, to Duke University or to Rutgers, after what you have seen here today? All of these comparisons that are out there are stark.

El Rushbo is, just as he advertises on his show, 98.4% accurate on all of the issues(or whatever percentage it is that he touts), but this take of his on Duke and Rutgers falls within that 1.6% area of "completely wrong."

Rush, my man, there is absolutely no difference between Rutgers and Duke on this matter. They are both far-left wing institutions of higher learning populated by a socialist liberaliar faculty, and both universities played their parts just exactly the way they were supposed to. Think about the answers to these questions, and I think you will see things my way:

1. If Imus had called called the white players on the Rutgers men's basketball team "a bunch of lilly-white pussies" (a phrase that I have personally heard him use; my apologies for the profanity), would Rutgers have held a press conference defending them? I think not. The whole thing would have been ignored.
2. Based on your answer to question #1, is Rutgers more interested in holding a "press conference to support the basketball players who are not what they were called," or are they more interested in remaining steadfast in the liberal orthodoxy of political correctness?
3. Take a look at
Pretend for a moment that my "What would happen if..." scenario had actually happened. Would the Duke faculty and administration have acted in the same way?
4. Question for my regular readers: What's the real issue at Rutgers, and what's the real issue at Duke? If you are the parent of a white, middle class young man, do you feel very comfortable sending him to a university populated by so many powerful (in their insulated world) liberaliars?

P.S.-- Imus caused "a great deal of pain and suffering" for the women of the Rutgers basketball team, and he has been severely punished. Will Crystal Gail Mangum, the lying stripper who has ruined the lives of three innocent Duke lacrosse players, be punished in any way? She has no money, so a civil suit is out of the question. Will she be brought up on criminal charges? Not likely! If there was any justice in this world, she would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and she would go to prison, but I'm enough of a realist to know that true justice will never happen. By the way, CBS has released their "teaser" excerpt of tomorrow night's "60 Minutes" Leslie Stahl interview with North Carolina's Attorney General. He will reveal that the lying stripper told brand new lies to investigators after Mike Nifong was removed from the case, and that the physical evidence collected by investigators refuted her new lies, just like it refuted her old lies. Good grief! Does this little trollop never stop? She absolutely belongs behind bars!


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