Saturday, April 14, 2007

memo to rosie o'liberaliar: christians are upset, but we won't behead the artist

Rosie O'Donnell once said that "radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam," proving once again that she is the very definition of a dim bulb. I would ask her to read the article referenced above and answer the following questions:

1. Have any Christians issued a "fatwa" calling for the immediate murder of digital and video artist Eric Medine, the creator of "Christ Killa?"
2. Have any of the Christians living in Los Angeles bombed the Niche.LA Video Art gallery, where this exhibit is being shown?
3. Have any of America's Christians traveled to Los Angeles to attack or damage people or property in protest of this exhibit?
4. Are any of America's Christians targeting uninvolved art galleries across the country in protest of the L.A. exhibit?
5. Are America's Christians banding together to hunt down and kill American atheists in protest of this blatant disrespect of our Lord and Savior? Are we beheading atheists and dragging their bodies through the streets as our supporters cheer us on? Are we burning our cities to show just how outraged we are at this sacrilege?
6. As a Christian, I am deeply offended by the hate towards Christians expressed by this exhibit. I am also deeply offended by the ignorant, hateful remarks of Rosie O'Donnell based solely upon her prejudice towards Christians. Where are the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons and all of the other protesters who were so filled with righteous rage in the wake of the Imus mess? Sharpton said, "This, from the beginning, was never about Don Imus. It was about the misuse of the airwaves. He says he wants to be forgiven. I hope he continues in that process. But we cannot afford a precedent established that the airways can commercialize and mainstream sexism and racism." Jackson said, "CBS refused to lower its standards anymore to house Don Imus. It is a victory for public decency. No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation." What about religious degradation? Shouldn't they call for the firing of Rosie O'Donnell and for the closing of the "Christ Killa" exhibit?

One final question--Are there no limits whatsoever to the hypocracy and the dishonesty of the modern liberaliar?


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