Friday, April 13, 2007

with liberaliars, the issue is never the issue

A crusty old shock jock makes ignorant, racist, and hateful comments about a group of black, female basketball players. The liberal establishment is in an uproar, even though said shock jock happens to be a liberal himself. The race pimps, the liberal politicians who wish to reside in the Honkey Chateau (thank you Elton), and the liberal intelligentsia all leap into action. Hot air fills the skies as the chattering class yammers on about the "far-reaching social implications" of the offensive comments, and liberal lawmakers ponder "hate speech" legislation (code for "Limbaugh and Hannity are Illegal!").

A young black stripper falsely accuses 3 white, upper-middle class, college lacrosse players at an upscale university of raping her. The woman changes her story dozens of times, and the physical evidence shows that none of her stories are truthful, but the "rogue prosecutor" charges forward and indicts the young men anyway. The families of the three young men are forced to spend $1 million apiece on legal fees to fight the baseless charges and the illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional actions of the prosecutor, before justice prevails. The race pimps, the liberal politicians who wish to reside in the Honkey Chateau, and the liberal intelligentsia nothing! They are silent. They yawn. Oprah ignores them, even as she invites the black, female basketball players to appear on her show. What's up with that?

There is a universal truth that you must understand about liberals. With liberals, the issue is never the issue. During this whole Imus mess, America's leading liberaliars have all talked/talked/talked about how important it is to eradicate hate and discrimination based on race from our culture. They have talked/talked/talked about how Congress will have to take the lead in legislating "hate" off the airwaves and out of our culture. Translation---conservative talk radio must die! Now understand, the Imus controversy had nothing to do with conservative talk radio. Doesn't matter. Liberaliars don't give two hoots about the Rutgers basketball team. This is just a great hook that liberaliars can grab on to in order to silence conservative opinion.

Compare to the Duke lacrosse case. Three young men were accused of a crime they didn't commit. The accuser selected them for the scam because of the color of their skin, and because she believed they had money she could clutch on to. The prosecuting attorney indicted the young men solely on the basis of the color of their skin, knowing that it would be a great way of trolling for votes in the black community as he sought reelection in a tough race. The prosecutor learned early on that the supposed "victim" was a liar, but he chose to move forward with the prosecution anyway because the three young men were white. These young men went through hell for over a year because the prosecutor needed to prosecute/persecute some white folk in order to win reelection. North Carolina's Attorney General has stopped the prosecution because he has learned that the girl is a liar and that the prosecutor is a crook. These young men suffered far greater damage because of the color of their skin than did the young women, yet America's liberaliars ignore the men.

With liberaliars, the issue is not tolerance and love among the races. They don't care about that! The issue is, "How do we eradicate conservatism?" They will dishonestly latch on to any issue and take any side in order to accomplish their stated goals.


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