Saturday, April 14, 2007

the greatest myths of modern liberalism

A true liberal is open-minded and tolerant, which more accurately describes libertarians. The truth be known, hard-core liberals of today are conspicuously closed-minded and intolerant. Worse, as Shelby Steele points out in his revealing book, "White Guilt," today's liberals are inherently racist. They believe that people of color are not smart enough or responsible enough to make it on their own.All of which is why I prefer to use the term "liberliar" rather than liberal, because to be so abjectly closed-minded, intolerant and racist, one must lie to oneself. Of course, there are many different kinds of lying. Some liberliars consciously lie with a premeditated intent to deceive. Others lie without really being consciously aware that they're lying. But the lying that all liberliars have in common is that they lie to themselves.Why? Because liberliarism is so at odds with reality that the only way a person can remain a liberliar is to deceive himself. It's a form of cognitive dissonance, a psychological term used to describe the discomfort a person experiences when confronted with facts that contradict his belief system.A true liberliar simply ignores such facts and clings to his firmly entrenched beliefs no matter how unfounded they may be. Which is why liberlying is, literally speaking, a mental disorder.---Robert Ringer

Those words, which I also referred to in my post at, are some of the most truthful words I have ever read. After I read Mr. Ringer's analysis, I got to thinking about all of the different ways in which the modern liberaliar rejects reality and truth, and about all of the various topics that liberaliars are just absolutely wrong about. This brought me to the idea of listing the 5 biggest myths promoted today by the modern liberaliar. Here's the list:

1. A majority of Americans share the beliefs of the so-called "progressives." Not true. Fact: For more than 30 years, approximately 34% of all Americans consider themselves conservative, while approximately 18% of Americans consider themselves liberal (Approximately 40% consider themselves moderate). Fact: In the traditionally liberal state of Connecticut, the 2006 Senate election resulted in these numbers---Moderate liberal Joe Lieberman=50% of the popular votes; radical liberaliar Ned Lamont=40%; GOP candidate Alan Schlesinger=10%. In other words, 60% of the voters in liberal Connecticut voted against the lunatic "progressive." And liberals only comprise about 18% of the American population.

2. Liberals are more "compassionate" and more concerned about the poor and about minorities than are conservatives. Wrong! Fact: The further to the left a person is--particularly the secular left--the less likely a person is to donate their time or money to charity. Conservative-headed families give about 30% more money per year than liberal-headed families on average while earning about 6% less income (see Fact: Liberal welfare programs create poverty. Wealth is created by the free market and by lower taxes/less government interference--hallmarks of conservatism (see

3. Liberals are more protective of our civil liberties than are conservatives. Completely wrong! It is the modern liberaliar who favors affirmative action, which is a violation of the 14th Amendment. It is the modern liberaliar who seeks to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment. It is the modern liberaliar who seeks to destroy the 1st Amendment by promoting the unconstitutional myth of separation of church and state, by promoting unconstitutional laws like the Fairness Doctrine, the McCain-Feingold Bill, and hate speech legislation. The ACLU will defend the "rights" of Islamofascist terrorists who have declared war against us, but they will fight tooth and nail against the right of a high school student to pray at a graduation ceremony. Liberaliars don't give two hoots about our civil liberties because they are fascists!

4. Separation of church and state. This is one of the biggest myths there is for the radical left. I have covered this topic many times on this blog. See
scriptural-examples-of-political.html and;
rev-david-parsons-election-sermon-1788.html and;
liberal-hypocrisyliberal-dishonesty-it.html and;
americas-founding-fathers.html and; and;

Get the point?

5. Global warming. What an amazing pack of lies this whole global warming scam is! Check out
I have repeatedly offered examples of scientific rebuttal to the whole global warming myth, but this link is particularly interesting.

There are other so many more myths, but the 5 biggies will do for now. Enjoy!


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