Saturday, March 10, 2007

the liberal plan to trash the 1st amendment and silence conservatives

Liberals are very fond of calling Christians "fascists," but there is no greater threat to freedom on this earth than the modern left. 21st Century liberalism--secular progressive socialism--seeks to centralize government authority under a dictatorial federal bureaucracy and judiciary controlled by the left. Modern liberalism seeks to impose stringent socioeconomic controls to redistribute wealth, and to suppress all opposition through terror and censorship, and to promote a policy of belligerent one-world nationalism and racism (hatred of white Christian conservatives). Look at Look at Look at Look at Look at

The modern left believes that if they scream loud enough and long enough about how hateful and fascist Christian conservatives are, then we will politely sit down, shut up, and let liberalism take the leadership role that they are so entitled to. Don't believe the lies! Those of us who call ourselves Christian conservatives have a moral duty and a mandate from God to live so as to be a positive, Christ-like influence on the world. To paraphrase Pres. Reagan, we are the last best hope for this nation and this world and, if we are to be true to the teachings of our Savior, we must start to live like "salt and light Christians."


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