Saturday, March 10, 2007

gay-rights groups are upset with tony dungy

Read this article from The Indianapolis Star very carefully. This article is an absolute textbook, all by itself, of everything I have said about the modern liberal for all of these months I have been doing this blog.

"The Indiana Family Institute, a conservative policy organization affiliated with Focus on the Family, plans to honor Dungy on March 20 with its "Friend of the Family" award at a banquet in Carmel."

For those of you who are interested, the website for the Indiana Family Institute is If you go to that website, you will see that everything said in the newspaper article about them is true. Their mission statement says, in part;

We believe firmly that the family is the key institution of society, and that the overall health of any city, state, region or nation is largely determined by the health of this bedrock institution. An already large and growing body of published, peer-reviewed social science research confirms this age-old wisdom that traces its history back to Socrates, the Hebrew Scriptures and beyond. As such, we are committed to strengthening and improving the marriages and families of all Hoosiers and seek to partner with other organizations, groups and individuals who share that same great mission.
Our objective is two-fold:Preserve pro-family policy already within State Government and push for additional policies that will strengthen Indiana families.

The Indiana Family Institute is firmly opposed to gay marriage, and that's what has the gay-rights groups honked off. Let's look at how the modern liberal deals with all this angst.

"From my perspective, I am a little disappointed in that I would think he would want to stay out of the political arena, and the family institute is a political organization," said Kathy Sarris, president of the Indiana Equality Education Fund, a gay-rights advocacy group.

Now that's an interesting quote, isn't it? Ms. Sarris seems to be saying that it is inappropriate for Dungy to voice a political opinion. Why would she say that? The answer is really very simple. Liberals don't believe that the 1st Amendment applies to everybody. Truth be told, liberals don't really believe in the 1st Amendment. The modern liberal believes that the thoughts, words and deeds of Christian conservatives are so "radical" and so offbeat that they don't merit 1st Amendment protection. The modern liberal believes that it is wholly inappropriate for a Christian conservative to attempt to influence public policy. What have I always said about liberals and the Constitution, liberals and the Bill of Rights, and liberals and the foundational principles of the American republic? Liberalism is opposed to all of the above.

Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of Outsports .com, an online sports publication geared toward gays, said Dungy appears to be an upstanding guy, but the coach's willingness to appear at this banquet strikes him as tantamount to endorsing its opposition to gay marriage.
"When you start helping groups like this raise money, it becomes problematic to me," Zeigler said. "Be very clear about this: Tony Dungy is raising money for this organization. He is the face of the event."

I have a question. Just what is so "problematic" about an American citizen participating in the political process by helping a political organization to raise money? There's that pesky 1st Amendment again, and liberals just don't like it!

Let's use our imagination for a moment, shall we? Ponder the following hypothetical situation:

Local and national evangelical Christian faith-based organizations are questioning the decision of former NBA and Penn State basketball player John Amechi to speak at a fundraising banquet for an organization outspokenly in favor of gay marriage.
Amechi, the former NBA player who recently came forward to talk about the burden of being a gay man playing professional basketball, will speak next week at a meeting of The Indiana Equality Education Fund, a gay-rights advocacy group.
"From my perspective, I am a little disappointed in that I would think that he would want to stay out of the political arena, and the Equality Education Fund is a political organization," said Hondo McGuillicuddy, spokesperson for the Indiana Family Institute, a right wing, anti-gay political organization.

Do you see my point? If my hypothetical situation was actually true, the liberal intelligentsia would be outraged that anyone would dare suggest that Amechi not be politically active. After all, we have a 1st Amendment that was specifically written to protect secular progressive thought, words and deeds, and how dare the Christian fascists suggest otherwise! Of course, the reason why my hypothetical situation is so outrageous is because Christian conservatives just don't act like that. It's the liberal who tries to deny 1st Amendment protection to Christian conservatives. All opposition to modern liberalism (secular progressive socialism) must be silenced! There will be silence or there will be violence!!

I tell you, I am so fed up with liberal hypocracy and dishonesty that I could just scream! That's why I do this blog--"blogosphere screaming" is very therapeutic for me! It smooths me out and makes me a mellow daddy and husband.

God bless Tony Dungy. He is a good and decent man and a strong Christian and he is one of my personal heroes. I am fairly certain that he doesn't give two hoots what the gay-rights groups think---he has chosen to serve God!


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