Saturday, March 10, 2007

more examples of liberal hypocrisy "A ruling from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has concluded that municipal employers have the right to censor the words "natural family," "marriage" and "family values" because that is hate speech and could scare workers." What about freedom of speech? "A university librarian accused of "sexual harassment" simply for recommending all incoming freshmen read the popular book "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian – a case that made national headlines, having been called the year's most "shameful" campus persecution case – has filed a defamation lawsuit against the accusing faculty members." I thought that librarians were supposed to recommend books. I thought that we weren't supposed to censor books. That pesky 1st Amendment must not apply to conservative books!

And finally, a letter from a woman named "Elizabeth" writing to

Demand that no one eat meat, but you can wear leather shoes and carry leather bags.
Don't smoke cigarettes or let others do so, but smoking lung-destroying marijuana or hash is fine.
Don't kill animals or violent murderers, but you can kill babies up to nine months in the womb.
Say that you honor diversity, but ridicule and despise white males, Christians, Southerners and most Americans.
Preach peace when other nations are trying to kill us, but justify and support the evil violence of radical revolutionaries in other countries.
Preach about global warming, while driving gas guzzling vans and SUVs and traveling the world by plane. (Because liberals hate America, they feel compelled to leave it as often as possible so they can tell the rest of the world how horrible we are.)
Preach protection of the environment while building houses and going on damaging treks in pristine wilderness areas.
Preach equality and tolerance, but feel free to ridicule the less educated and working class.
Label pornography as demeaning to women, but insist that children be allowed to view it in public libraries without "censorship."
Preach zero population, but don't anyone dare tell a welfare crack mom she can't have 10 kids who will no doubt burden the justice system as well as the environment.
Deny the government any means possible to protect its citizens from murdering terrorists (in the name of civil rights), but condemn the government for not having known about or avoided the Sept. 11th attack.
Demand tolerance for the most intolerant, sexist and violent religion in the world (hmmm can you guess?).
Demand freedom of speech and thought for liberals, but deny it for anyone whose views differ from your own.


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