Saturday, March 10, 2007

the "mushy middle"--unprincipled leadership is what cost the gop in 2006

ALEXANDRIA, VA—The American Conservative Union (ACU), the nation’s oldest and largest conservative grassroots organization released its annual “Rating of Congress,” considered by many to be the definitive conservative assessment of the federal legislative branch. ACU has issued its ratings annually since 1971.
“The year 2006 was not only a loss for conservatism in the election but in Congressional voting too,” said Dr. Donald J. Devine, a Vice Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU). “It is reasonable to assume the two were related. Fewer members of either the House of Representatives or Senate voted conservatively than in any recent Congress. Liberal voting went down too,” continued Devine. “Congress moved to a mushy middle that apparently did not appeal to the voters, who turned out the majority party in a search for a coherent and principled course of action.”

Take a look at the link. Look at the ratings of your Senator and your Congressman. I'm telling you, the blueprint for success in 2008 is so simple and so obvious that only a career politician could miss it. Principled Reagan conservatism is the key to success. Emulating the virtues and values of Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge is a dead bang winner, and it always will be. If the GOP ignores the blueprint, they will lose again in '08. "Moderate" equals "Loser"---the voters want principled leadership.


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