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cultural marxism, continued

Yesterday, I started a history lesson concerning the origins of "cultural Marxism" and how that ideology has maifested itself in America. It goes by the names of "political correctness" and "multiculturalism," but make no mistake, it is classic Marxism. The lesson continues.....

The Frankfort School relocated from Germany to New York City. Adolph Hitler detested Marxism, and the people of the Frankforth School no longer felt safe in Nazi Germany. That's why they moved to the United States. By the way, they were assisted in their move by Columbia University. Columbia provided the financing. That really shouldn't come as any surprise, because our college and universities have been hotbeds of communist activity for decades.

As the Frankfort School resumed its activities in New York, they made further refinements to their cultural Marxist agenda.

First, the Frankforth School devised a strategy called the "Critical Theory." The strategy was really quite simple. Cultural Marxists would criticize. They would relentlessly, endlessly, criticize every aspect of traditional Western culture. They would unceasingly criticize Christianity, the traditional family, traditional sexual mores, and every other part of traditional Western culture in general, and American culture specifically. This is how the "studies" departments of America's colleges and universities got started. Feminist Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, Black Studies, etc.-----all were started with the goal of criticizing traditional American beliefs and traditions so savagely that, eventually, they would crumble.

Second, the Frankfort School began to devise academic programs on "prejudice." To the cultural Marxist, "prejudice" is defined as any traditional belief based on Judeo-Christian principles that runs counter to Marxist thought. For example, if you supported traditional marriage you were "prejudiced" against gays. If you believed that children fare better in a heterosexual, two-parent home with the mom staying home to care for the kids while Dad works, then you were "prejudiced" against women. If you believed that America was founded on the principles of Christianity found in the Bible, then you must be "prejudiced" and "intolerant" towards other religious beliefs. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The Frankfort School even came up with a silly "F-Scale" ("F" stands for "fascist") that stated that, the more of a traditionalist a person was, the more of a "fascist" they were. This proved to be the beginning of that nasty habit of America's left for labeling any opposing thought or expression as "fascism."

Third, the Frankfort School revised Karl Marx's original thoughts about "domination." Marx believed that the owners of the means of production in a society were the "dominators" and that everyone else was "oppressed." The Frankfort School decided to define "domination" through the template of race, religion and gender. White Christian males were the "dominators," or the "oppressors." That made all white, Christian males "fascists." Anyone outside of the "oppressive" group was automatically a "victim." Further, individuality was discounted. You were part of a "group" based on the factors I have mentioned, and you would no longer be viewed as an individual. You were part of the "oppressive group," or you were part of a "victim group." Members of the "victim groups" were owed "reparations" by members of the "oppressive group."

Fourth, the Frankfort School latched on to a theory called the "transvaluation of all values," which was articulated by Nietzsche. Simply put, the theory states that old sins are now virtues, and the old virtues are now sins. What was once good is now bad, and what was once bad is now good. So, for example, homosexuality was now to be regarded as a virtue. Not just tolerated, mind you, but actually celebrated as a virtue. If you believe differently, you are a "fascist." The principles of Christianity were now to be regarded as "intolerant" and "evil," while the principles of secular humanism were to be regarded as "tolerant" and "good" and "enlightened." Further, the Frankfort School wrote that this "transvaluation of values" must become part of the public school curriculum. One important paper written by the Frankfort School went so far as to say that it was really quite unimportant if school children learned to read, write or to do math, so long as they were indoctrinated with the "right" attitudes. This signaled the birth of the "political correctness" movement in America's public schools. A student wears a T-shirt that says "F--- You" and that's a celebrated exercise of freedom of speech. Another student wears a T-shirt that says "Jesus Saves," and that is evil intolerance and fascism, and it must be dealt with swiftly and severely. Thank the Frankfort School for introducing this malarkey into our schools.

Fifth, the Frankfort School began to send their people to work in Hollywood. After WWII, the cultural Marxists began to realize what a powerful weapon our movie/TV/entertainment/media industry could be to advance the cause of cultural Marxism. By the way, McCarthy was right. There were Communists in Hollywood, and he was an authentic American hero for attempting to expose them.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history, and most of you know what that history tells us. Most of America's traditional cultural institutions are horribly broken. The traditional family is almost extinct. Any child that lives in a traditional, two-parent family is in a shrinking minority, and that is especially true among blacks. The Christian Church has become more ineffective than ever because, more and more, our churches are becoming infected with political correctness, AKA cultural Marxism. Do you know how hard it is to find a church that preaches/teaches the Bible? I recently saw an ad for an Indianapolis-area church that proclaimed that their summer sermon series would deal with the topic of "loving yourself" as the best way to glorify God. Good grief!

We can see the results of the assault launched by the Frankfort School, and carried on by the ACLU,, Planned Parenthood, the NEA (teacher's union), the modern Democrat Party, and the like. The question now is, "What do we do about it?"

I'll deal with that question tomorrow.


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