Thursday, June 21, 2007

the truth about the bush veto

Listening to the mainstream media as they talk about Pres. Bush's latest veto is a lot like listening to a Liar's Convention. It has reinforced my belief that about half of everything the media reports is a bald-faced lie, and the other half is distorted. Here are the facts concerning the veto:

1. Contrary to the lies from the media, Pres. Bush did not outlaw embryonic stem cell research. He vetoed a law that would have forced all Americans to financially support ESCR.

2. I actually heard some lunch head on CNN say that people would die as a result of the veto. That is a lie. ESCR is still legal (sadly) in this country. The veto doesn't change that. And by the way, babies die as a result of ESCR. Or don't liberal lunch heads on CNN care about that? Which leads to the next fact;

3. The entire history of ESCR has produced exactly ZERO medical successes. That's right. There has never, ever been one single medical breakthrough in the field of ESCR.

4. Despite the indisputable fact in #3, liberals are still wedded to the myth that ESCR will save lives. Facts, logic and reason are against them, so I can only conclude that liberals just want to kill babies. That's the only result ever reliably produced by ESCR.

5. Ethical, and successful, alternatives to ESCR do exist. Adult stem cell research has produced fabulous results. Adult stem cells from blood, bone marrow, cord blood, and other sources are already treating a wide array of diseases, including juvenile diabetes, lupus, bladder disease, heart disease, liver disease, sickle cell anemia, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, and stroke damage. Seventy-three diseases or disorders have been successfully treated with adult stem cells thus far. ASCR has the added benefit that it doesn't require unborn babies to be killed. This begs the question, "Why don't liberals push for federal funding for ASCR?" Answer--Because liberals just love to kill babies!

You know, America's liberaliars have provided us with a teachable moment here with all of their catterwalling over the Bush veto. Let's make this an old-fashioned story problem.

Uncle Sam has a bank account with billions of dollars in it, collected from his entire family. The family has decided that they would like to use a portion of that money to help cure sick people. They have two choices as to where the money will go. Choice A is a method that has never cured anybody, and babies have to be killed to use this method. Choice B is a method that has cured thousands of people from a myriad of serious ailments, and nobody has to die to use this method. Which method will the family vote for?

Of course, liberals are unanimous in their support for Choice A. That speaks volumes about their wisdom, their intelligence, and their character. Or lack thereof.


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