Tuesday, June 19, 2007

liberals never, ever change their spots!

You may have heard of a humorous story out of Broward County in Florida. In a nutshell, the facts are as follows:

The County Commissioners have had a contract with a local AM radio station for a number of years to braodcast official hurricane warning reports as needed. All big cities have one AM station (Central Indiana has WIBC 1070) that is looked to as the "source" for all news and weather, and apparently WIOD is that station in Broward County.

Well, just like WIBC in Indy, WIOD happens to carry the Rush Limbaugh Show on the Excellence In Broadcasting Network. The 9 Democrat County Commissioners don't like that, nor do they have much regard for the 1st Amendment. So, they told WIOD that they couldn't carry Limbaugh's show anymore if they still wanted to carry official hurricane reports. Public outrage was so fierce, from all over the country, that the Commissioners backed off. It was still a funny story, though.

Wouldn't you know, though, the liberaliar media just couldn't leave the story alone, nor could they resist the urge to change the subject and to just launch personal attacks against El Rushbo.


Now, Limbaugh is a big boy, and he can take care of himself. I do find it fascinating, however, that the liberals who were quoted in the above link just couldn't bring themselves to discuss the actual facts of the story. They changed the subject. They attacked Limbaugh on issues entirely unrelated to the Broward County story. Why? Because facts, logic and reason are all foreign concepts to liberals. They couldn't debate the facts of the story because, as always, the facts were against them. So, the liberals did what liberals always do. It's in their DNA. They spin so fast they resemble the Tasmanian Devil, they change the subject, and they launch the personal attacks.

How positively typical! This is why it is so foolish to EVER vote for a liberal for public office. Ignore that piece of good advice at your own risk!


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