Friday, June 01, 2007

rush limbaugh for the nobel peace prize

Yes, it's true. America's Truth Detector, America's One True Anchor Man, The All-Knowing All-Seeing All-Feeling Maha Rushie has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. El Rushbo, the great Rush Limbaugh, is competing against Brother Al's Travelin' Salvation Show for one of the world's most prestigious prizes. The above link will take you to an article detailing why Limbaugh deserves the award, based on his tireless efforts to debunk the liberal lies about DDT.

As you may or may not know, the clowns who are running around the world bleating about man made global warming are the same Chicken Little clowns who, decades ago, dreamed up science fiction about the danger of DDT. These liberaliars were successful in getting DDT banned worldwide, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of millions of innocent people. How's that for liberal compassion?

Of course, the liberaliars were wrong about DDT, but that's no surprise. Liberaliars are wrong about everything. Rush Limbaugh has been an absolute champion in spreading the word about the DDT myths, and he has saved lives. Limbaugh is a hero.

If you are as excited as I am about El Rushbo's nomination, go to to order the "Rush For Peace" T-Shirt. It would look very stylish on all of you liberals!


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