Thursday, May 31, 2007

the ellis island approach to immigration

***Streamline the LEGAL immigration process. It is absolutely ridiculous for a law-abiding resident of another country to have to wait for years to become an American. Adopt an "Ellis Island" model so that good people from all corners of the globe can come and become Americans! Legally! By the way, there is absolutely nothing about such a bill that would pass through the Democrats, but they would have to publically defend their anti-American position. The payoff is in 2008! (From my December 2 post that can be found at
Also, on that same link:

It is absolutely ridiculous for a hard working, law abiding citizen of another country to have to wait 10 years to be accepted into our country. Let's re-adopt the Ellis Island model and open our arms to any person willing to come to America, work hard, and assimilate into our culture. (Sept. 8)

Now go to

Finally, I see someone else trying to take a reasonable approach to the immigration issue. Legal immigration is the lifeblood of the American melting pot, and the process must be streamlined and made easier for those who want to assimilate peacefully into our culture and become productive citizens. Illegal immigration is a cancer that threatens to destroy our country, and it must be stopped by any means necessary. There is a big difference between the two, and it is the height of dishonesty to ignore the difference.


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