Friday, June 01, 2007

conservative wisdom comes in all shapes, sizes and colors

The following is an email letter to, and it is outstanding! There's nothing for me to add--it's full of all the wisdom you need. Enjoy!

As a black Republican, one would assume I'm gung-ho about recruiting other minorities into the GOP. Well, I am, but only under the following conditions. Here's my Top 10 list:

10. You do not see yourself as a victim and don't think white America owes you something.
9. You realize you're blessed to be born in the greatest nation on the planet and want less government intrusion as you pursue your dreams.
8. You understand that it is in the best interest of all Americans to speak English.
7. You do not hate achievers.
6. You understand the huge difference between illegal and legal immigration.
5. You understand that true compassion means lending a helping hand rather than cradle-to-grave welfare.
4. You know in your heart that partial-birth abortion is murder.
3. You believe marriage is between a man and a woman
2. You understand that high taxes are really the government redistributing wealth from the achievers to the takers who vote for bigger government.

And the No. 1 condition mandatory for me to invite you into my Republican Party: You believe that God should not be banned from the public square.


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