Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the renewable fuels, consumer protection and energy efficiency act of 2007

Imagine that! This is a "consumer protection" law that doesn't protect the consumer. This is an "energy efficiency" law that isn't efficient. This is a "renewable fuels" bill that attempts to stop us from using a fuel source that is both cheap and plentiful, and instead forces us to use the world's biggest food source for fuel, making both food and fuel scarcer and more expensive. Only from the la-la world of liberalism coud we get such a cockamamie law!

Here are some "inconvenient truths" that the liberaliars hope you don't know about:

1. The world has more than enough oil for everybody, and that includes America. If America's liberaliars would allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and off our several coasts, and if liberaliars would allow the building of new oil refineries, we could produce enough oil that we wouldn't have to rely on foreign sources.

2. Using oil as our primary fuel source is better for the environment than is using corn for ethanol. Burning ethanol produces more harmful smog pollutants than does oil. Also, ethanol can't be transported via pipeline, so it must be transported by truck. This increases the number of large vehicles on our roads, which increases demand for fuel. More oil and more ethanol must be burned. That's not a good thing!

3. If we as Americans converted our entire corn production to fuel instead of food, two things would happen. First, we still wouldn't have enough fuel, and we would still have to import oil. Second, food prices would skyrocket worldwide and starvation would become a worldwide crisis to an extent that the world has never seen.

4. If the bill passes, the net result is that food and fuel prices would both spiral out of control, AND each American household would have to be assessed an additional $200 per year to support taxpayer-funded food and fuel subsidy programs. What a bargain!

OK, all you liberaliars out there, we have arrived at The Teachable Moment! Here is the lesson that we need to learn from the facts layed out in the article linked above, and the facts that I have presented to you:

Liberalism creates bad public policy. Government should stay out of the free market. Oil is plentiful, and it would be much cheaper if the government wouldn't tax it so heavily. Conversion to ethanol will absolutely result in the deaths of millions of people worldwide, and the devastation of the worldwide economy.

That's OK, though, isn't it? So long as liberaliars run the show, what's wrong with a little global poverty and famine?

See to take action.


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