Monday, June 25, 2007

the dishonesty of the liberaliar media

Nobody with a normal level of wisdom or intelligence disputes the fact that the mainstream media serves as the P.R. wing of the Liberaliar Marxist Democrat Party. The evidence is out in the open, "in plain sight" as the police would say, for anyone with eyes to see.

For those who need more evidence, take a look at the links I provided. Facts, logic and reason all show that America's mainstream media will do whatever is necessary, by hook or by crook, to destroy the GOP, and conservatism in particular. There is no lie the media will not tell in order to accomplish their mission. Of course, the actions of the liberaliar media are destructive to America, but that's OK. The mission is more important than the nation, according to the liberaliar dogma.

The dishonesty of the mainstream media can't be fixed in a free society like America, and sadly, the modern GOP lacks the courage to combat the lies. The solution lies in we the people ignoring the traditional media and looking to more honest, non-traditional sources for our news. Many of the best sources are linked to on the right hand sidebar of my blog. is another great source. And of course, you will always hear the truth from my humble blog.

It is now the responsibility of us to seek the truth. It's not so hard if you look in the "right" places.


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