Tuesday, June 26, 2007

today's weather forecast

We have outdoor activities planned for today and this evening, so naturally I turned on the local weather forecast to see if it's going to rain. These are the exact words the highly trained weather professional used to describe our rain chances:

We will have widely scattered showers. It could rain anywhere at any time.

Wow! Anywhere at any time. Now that's a weather forecast, right there! I'm glad all that weather training and all of that million dollar Doppler gadgetry could give me such a precise forecast!

And then it hit me. If the highly trained weather professionals can't tell me if it's going to rain today in my corner of the globe, how in the world could I expect them to accurately forecast the temperature for the next 50 years for the entire globe? Answer---they can't!

Global warming is such a farce!

Maybe Channel 8 should hire Brother Gore and his Travelin' Salvation Show to do weather!


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