Wednesday, June 27, 2007

liberaliars lying about the word "liberal"

This is a fascinating column written by the liberaliar columnist for the Miami Herald, Leonard Pitts. The title of his column is "It's Time To Rebrand the L-Word." He has two main points. First, he contends that the word "liberal" has been turned into a "dirty word" of sorts due to relentless misinformation being foisted on the public by conservatives. Second, Pitts says that most Americans are, in fact, quite liberal and that liberal public policy has been largely accepted by most Americans.


On the Liberaliar Scale, liberal lies range in size and scope from little bitty liberal lies to great big whoppers. Leonard Pitts goes beyond the scale to whatever is a thousand times bigger than a whopper liberal lie when he makes these points. In short, he is just plain wrong if he believes that most Americans are liberals. That's a lie, and I will prove it.

First, it is important to note that Pitts bases his belief on studies done by a group called Media Matters For America. He quotes senior fellow Paul Waldman from that group:

"We've been told by conservatives and by mainstream media for years that this is a conservative country but if you actually look at the facts you find that this is a myth.''

I wonder why Pitts failed to mention in his column that Media Matters is a front group for Hillary Clinton. Hillary advised David Brock on the creation of Media Matters, and arranged for massive funding for the group. She continues to consult with the group.

Hillary helped create Media Matters because she needed a group that could pretend to be an independent watchdog over conservative talk radio. She needed a group that she could control from behind the curtains that would attack conservative thought and opinion in the non-traditional media on a daily basis. When you say "Media Matters," you should really be saying "political action group for the Clinton machine." With that fact in mind, you can see why I am skeptical of anything that group says.

Let's pretend for a minute, though, that Media Matters was actually a credible media watchdog outfit. Let's pretend for a moment that they weren't really just a bunch of crooked liberaliars. I love pretending! OK, now that we are securely in the Great Nation of Imagi-Nation, let's look at what Media Matters says about the "myth" of America being a conservative nation. Here are some indisputable facts:

1. Look at American National Election Studies has been surveying American adults since 1972 about their political attitudes. They have found that, depending on the year, anywhere from 16-23% of Americans self-identify as being left of center politically and 30-33% self-identify as being right of center politically. 23-26% self-identify as being moderate. I suppose that a blue-state public school is the only place in the world where math students would be taught that 16-23% constitutes a "majority." Just ask the people, and they will tell you that they are conservative.

2. When we the people are surveyed on our attitudes concerning various public policies, the surveys show that Americans are decidedly non-liberal. For instance, abortion on demand for women of any age with no limits or constraints whatsoever is a liberal position. A majority of Americans oppose that position. That's not to say that most Americans want a federal law outlawing abortion. They don't. But a majority of Americans want legal restraints on abortion and they oppose the liberal worship of the sacrament of abortion.

Surveys show that most Americans oppose gay marriage. Surveys show that most Americans oppose the legalization of all drugs. Surveys show that Americans oppose higher taxes. I could go on and on, but you get the point. Talk to people all across America, and they will tell you that they oppose liberal public policy.

3. When we the people actually have the opportunity to vote on issues, the conservative position almost always wins. For example, gay marriage has been defeated in each and every state where the people had a chance to vote. That includes such so-called liberal states as Oregon and Washington. Gay marriage is defeated when Americans get to vote. Gay marriage wins when unelected activist judges unconstitutionally subsitute their will for the will of the people. Go ahead and look it up. You'll see that I am right.

What's the bottom line here? The bottom line here is that Media Matters, and their willing pawn from the Miami Herald, are liberaliars. Most Americans are conservative. America is a conservative nation. Liberalism is a dangerous, deceitful philosophy that people will never accept unless they are coerced.

Isn't that what fascism is all about?


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