Friday, June 29, 2007

the ann coulter "scandal"

The liberaliar mainstream media has been reporting that Ann Coulter said, on Good Morning America, that she wished that John Edwards was killed in a terrorist attack. That is a bald-faced lie. Coulter didn't say that. I think it's high time to talk about the actual facts concerning this incident, even though I am well aware that facts, logic and reason make liberaliars nauseous!

First, take a look at the two links I have provided. The first link is to Ann Coulter's column explaining exactly what she said. The second link is to the actual video of her Good Morning America interview so that you can see for yourself.

Now, let's talk about what really happened. Coulter was asked about her remarks at the CPAC convention, where she basically called John Edwards a "faggot." She denies she called him that, but the record shows that she did, and I think it was terrible for her to say that. Well, as she was falsely denying that she called Edwards that awful word, Coulter "spun" the subject a little, and referred to Bill Maher's comment that he wished Dick Cheney would get killed in a terrorist attack. That was a comment, by the way, that didn't elicit so much as a peep from the liberaliar media. Coulter said that she had learned her lesson from Maher, and that, in the future, if she said anything about Edwards that she would just say that she wished that terrorists would kill him.

Her point was that Bill Maher had said something a whole lot worse than what she said, and that he wasn't criticized at all. It is instructive to point out that the Good Morning America interviewer wasn't bothered in the least by Coulter's comments. He knew what she meant.

Well, it took the liberaliar machine exactly 36 hours to manufacture a scandal from this non-story. The liberaliar machine is now advancing the lie that Ann Coulter said that she wishes John Edwards would get killed by terrorists.

Go ahead. Look at the video. If you have a brain that isn't ravaged by the cancer of liberalism you will see that, once again, the liberals are lying. Coulter didn't say that, and this story didn't appear in the mainstream media until the Edwards campaign team told the media what their talking points should be.

I have a few questions concerning this whole non-story:

1. Why didn't John Edwards himself confront Coulter, instead of having his wife fight his battles for him? Is the Breck Girl afraid to tangle with the Blonde Bully?

2. If John Edwards is afraid of Ann Coulter (and we already know that he is afraid of Britt Hume) how in the world can we trust him to display courage against Islamofascism?

3. Ann Coulter says a whole lot of things that are mean, spiteful and hateful. That's her schtick. She's a bully and she's a fairly hateful person. Although I agree with her about 90% of the time on the issues of the day, I am strongly opposed to the way that she states her beliefs most of the time. I have always been intellectually honest about that. Having said that, I don't see where her latest statements fit that template. Coulter was attempting to show that a radical, godless liberaliar like Bill Maher could say something truly hateful and that the liberal intelligentsia would ignore it simply because Maher is a liberal. Of course, the thoroughly corrupt and dishonest liberaliar intelligentsia, including John Edwards' bodyguard---oops...I mean his cancer-stricken wife---felt compelled to distort the story. Question 1: Why doesn't John Edwards have the cujones to fight his own battles? Question 2: Doesn't John Edwards love his wife? I love my wife, and I would never, not in a million years, use her in the role of political attack dog if she was stricken with cancer. Does John Edwards covet the White House more than he loves his wife?

4. The liberaliar mainstream media goes out of their way to ignore Mike Huckabee. Their reasoning is that he is a "second-tier candidate." Yet they bend over backwards to publicize John Edwards, who has as much chance of being elected president as I do. Or Ron Paul. What's up with that? Of course, we all know the answer. The mainstream media whores for the lunatic fringe of the American left. That just happens to be where the Breck Girl resides.

One important point---I know why Coulter keeps inflaming the Edwards supporters. She wants to keep the Edwards campaign alive because it drains support from Hillary Health Care and Barak Huessein Obama Osama Shama Lama Ding Dong.

Funny how the not-so-intelligent intelligentsia is playing into that strategy!


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