Wednesday, March 07, 2007

conservative university: transferring conservatism to the next generation

You will notice on the right-side bar that I have a link to the American Conservative Union. This is a website that I regularly visit, and I have found it to be a fantastic source of conservative thought, opinion, news and information. The American Conservative Union Foundation is connected to the ACU, and is the nation's oldest and largest conservative educational organization. You can read more about the ACU Foundation at

If you visit the ACU Foundation site, you will find some really great conservative resources for the young and old alike. The "Conservative University" is the online educational tool of the Foundation. According to their mission statement, "The mission of the "Conservative University" is to train the next generation of conservative leaders nationally by providing them, in a systematic, easily available and focused manner, the intellectual tools necessary to become successful political and civic leaders. It is a mission that must be advanced or the movement will die. There are many things taught to conservatives but the specific mission here is to provide a fundamental core curriculum and set of ideas that can provide a lifetime guide to political and social decision-making." You can read more at

Go to and you will find excellent writings answering the question, "What is Conservatism?" Of particular interest is a Ronald Reagan speech entitled "Our Philosophy" that is wonderful. See will show you the index to the rest of the ACU Foundation's Conservative University. I hope you will take the time to look at it. It is definately worth the time!


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