Saturday, March 24, 2007

liberals don't believe in the 2nd amendment, therefore, it should be ignored

What a fantastic opportunity for learning we have here in the latest incoherent screed from radical leftist Eugene Robinson. By all means, read the column for yourself, but please allow me to summarize the main points:

Guns are bad. They are so bad that, with absolutely no human assistance, they kill 30,000 Americans a year. Dick Cheney is a jerk, which has absolutely nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, but it wouldn't be a Eugene Robinson column without at least one gratuitous slap at a member of the Bush administration. Eugene used to believe in the 2nd Amendment. Back when blacks were being harassed and sometimes murdered by Southern policemen, having a gun for personal protection was a necessity. Those times are gone, though, so the 2nd Amendment no longer applies. The Constitution has to be a "living, breathing" document that "evolves" and "changes" according to the whims and fancies of the oh-so-nuanced liberal, so it's OK to ignore the 2nd Amendment today. The actual words of the amendment, however, do present something of a problem because those words really leave nothing open to interpretation. The amendment says that the government can't restrict our access to guns. Period. End of discussion. You know what, though? The words of the Constitution, and the original intent of the Framers, don't amount to a hill of beans when you're a Liberal Superhero trying to "fix" the world. Bill of Rights? We don't need no stinking Bill of Rights! We have liberals to tell us how to live! Get rid of the guns!!!

P.S.--Gun control laws DON'T work, contrary to the delusional ramblings of the modern liberal. Go to
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