Friday, March 23, 2007

and you think that the left hasn't declared war on america?

Here's the story in a nutshell-- Three students in Knightstown, Indiana made a home video, which they put online for all the world to see. The "movie" was a parody of a horror flick they had seen. In the student's movie, a Teddy Bear Master orders its stuffed animal foot soldiers to kill a teacher. The teacher's name in the movie just happened to be the same as a Knightstown teacher that the students didn't like. The school expelled the students, and the students and their parents sued the school. The result? The students were allowed back in school, they were awarded $69,000, they have been offered a movie deal by film festivals in Chicago and New York, and at least one of the parents is very proud that her son's "artistic talent" is being recognized. Kind of makes you want to throw up, doesn't it?

I have a few questions pertaining to this whole situation.

1. Do you think that other students in other parts of America will be more encouraged, or less encouraged, to threaten the lives of teachers after seeing the results of this case?
2. Hypothetical situation---Pretend that the students had made a video where the Teddy Bear master was, instead, an angel from God. Pretend that, in the video, this "teddy bear angel" had proclaimed that homosexuality is a sin and that all homosexuals will be judged by God. Pretend that the video had named names of teachers and students in that school who were gay. Question--Would the outcome have been any different?
3. Hypothetical situation---Pretend that the students had made a video in which they were shown praying for the souls of all gays in that school, and that they had named names. Question---would the outcome have been any different?
4. Don't you think that it's wonderful, in a post-Columbine America, that we have liberal lawyers and liberal judges and liberal school boards and liberal parents and a liberal media/entertainment industry that are all looking out for the "rights" of these creative, misunderstood children? I know that I feel safer!


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