Saturday, March 24, 2007

"change" is the savior???

Once again, I am simply amazed at how a priest, supposedly a believer of Christianity, can get so far off track as he attempts to change the Gospel to fit his own human agenda. Tom Ehrich is an Episcopal priest, and I have featured his columns many times before. Ehrich is a prime example of what the Bible calls a "false teacher" or an "anti-christ." Each week, he writes a column telling his readers how the Gospel must "evolve" as we imperfect humans continue to evolve. In other words, as we change, the words of God and His Son Jesus Christ must also change. Change is our "savior," not Jesus. Our own personal, ever-changing feelings about right and wrong must serve as the guideposts for our lives, not the perfect, infallible Word of God. We must become our own "gods" as we determine for ourselves what our personal code of ethics will be. That's called being "nimble," at least according to the gospel of Ehrich. I call that sinful, but then, I happen to be a dinosaur who believes that the Word of God is perfect just the way it is.

We must be constantly on guard so that we are not seduced by the lies these false teachers spread. Their words come straight from the mouth of Satan, and they will lead us to death.


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