Friday, March 23, 2007

president bush finally stands up to the surrender party

I have never been as proud of our Commander-In-Chief as I was today. He finally stood up and showed some righteous anger at the Surrender Party. The Cut and Run Party. The Victory For Terrorism Party. The "We Hope America Loses So We Can Win In 2008" Party. The Treason Party.

It was way past time for Pres. Bush to loudly and boldly tell the American people that the Democrat Party is desperately trying to sabatoge the war effort and what their reasons are for carrying out this strategy for defeat. Every man, woman and child in America who is related to someone in the military, or who is friends with someone in the military, or who is just grateful to the military for their sacrifices on our behalf should pay close attention to the President's words. We should also pay very close attention to the Democrat response. My prediction? The Democrats own defeat, and their response will be consistent with that anti-American, unpatriotic mindset.


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