Tuesday, March 13, 2007

god has blessed us today in indiana!

What an awesome day! I love 70 degree weather in March! If this is global warming, I want more of it!!

Gorgeous weather like this when it's still technically winter always reminds me of college. Back when we were young and dumb at Ball State, a day like today was an excuse (like we needed one) to blow off classes, pick up a case of beer and spend the day playing softball. (personal note to the Boys on Janney--That broken window was not my fault. I was in perfect position! It was just a bad hop, so get over it!)

Days like today remind me of something else. The weather is under God's control. It gets hotter, then it gets colder. It rains, then it doesn't. The sun shines, then it doesn't. We get lots of snow, then it melts. The seasons and all that goes with them function according to God's perfect plan. For a mere human to say that we have the ability to "tweak" the weather/climate like some sort of thermostat is the height of arrogance. It also denies the truth of God's awesome power.

Global warming isn't just a lie. It also is a secular method of ignoring God. We, as Christians, should have something to say about that.


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