Monday, March 12, 2007

...and they're the enlightened ones?

My favorite part of the column:

Let a scientist suggest that man plays a very puny role when it comes to determining the earth’s climate, and you can count on Al Gore’s goon squads trying to bully him into silence, and even questioning his right to teach or to conduct research.

When it’s pointed out that in the 1970s, in a world very much like the one in which we now live, the same crowd was worried sick over the coming ice age, it’s either dismissed as irrelevant or condemned as heresy.

The last time I argued with a left-winger about global warming, he actually said, “But what if we’re right?”

What logic! What insight! I felt as if I were arguing with someone transported from the Dark Ages, someone convinced that the earth was flat. Even if you showed him photos taken from outer space, showing the curvature of the earth, he would still say, “But what if I’m right?”

I thought that liberals were supposed to be "enlightened." I guess that's just another myth in the liberal orthodoxy.


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