Monday, March 12, 2007

a textbook lesson on the differences between christian conservatives and secular progressives

The liberal orthodoxy sure does contain lots of lies. Please allow me to list a few of them.

1. Liberals (secular progressives) are more "tolerant" than are Christian conservatives.
2. Liberals are more "loving" than are Christian conservatives.
3. Liberals are more protective of our civil liberties than are Christian conservatives.
4. Liberals are more "honest" than are Christian conservatives (perhaps the biggest lie of them all).

Read the article linked above concerning Marine Cpl Matt Sanchez. Cpl Sanchez is a former liberal, gay porn star who has repudiated his former lifestyle, repented, and who now lives as a straight conservative. read this article, and learn of the intolerance, the hate, the dishonesty, and the shredding of his civil liberties that he has been subjected to by the left. Read the article, pray for Cpl Sanchez, and ask yourself one very simple question:

Who's the fascist?


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