Thursday, March 22, 2007

i stand corrected

Reading these two articles has altered my thinking on the way I use the term "secular progressive." From now on, I won't use that term anymore, because I now see that the term is inaccurate. There is nothing "progressive" about liberalism, because it seeks to take man backwards into servitude to the state. The term "secular" is inaccurate as well. Secular just means non-religious, which is not necessarily bad. The example from the WorldNetDaily column, concerning "religious" music vs "secular" music, really hit home for me. (A friend at church once asked me why I listen to classic rock radio stations instead of Christian music radio. I answered that being a Christian didn't mean that I had to listen to really bad music. I'll stick with Seger, Springsteen, and the Eagles!).

So there it is. The modern leftist is not really a "secular progressive." They are "godless, socialist liberals." I stand corrected.


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