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transforming america, step 5--love, honor and serve your spouse

FACT: Children of divorce are more aggressive toward their parents and teachers. They experience more depression, more learning difficulties and problems getting along with their peers. They are three times more likely to be referred for psychological help. They become sexually active earlier, they are more likely to produce children out of wedlock and they are three times as likely to divorce themselves or to never marry.

A child’s happiness is not dependent on their parent’s happiness. A child’s happiness stems from routine, having a home, two parents, friends to play with, school activities to be involved in and being able to count on those things being constant day in and day out.
(From "The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study" by Judith Wallerstein)

FACT: Adults who are aggressive towards authority, who have psychological problems, who are sexually active, and who have produced children out of wedlock are more likely to depend on government entitlement programs and less likely to regularly attend church than are happy, well-adjusted, married adults.

The longer I live, the more convinced I become that the best way to produce happy, well-adjusted, self reliant, God-loving American citizens is to instill the principles and values of Christian conservatism in them in a loving home within the traditional family. Although I do believe that homosexuality is a sin, and I oppose gay marriage, I believe with all my heart that divorce is the #1 enemy of the traditional family in America today. Here are some numbers to chew on:

1. In 1940, there were 264,000 divorces in the U.S.
2. In 1992, there were 1,215,000 divorces in the U.S.
3. Since 2000 the divorce numbers have declined slightly, but remain over 1.1 million/year.
4. Over 50% of first marriages end in divorce.
5. 60% of second marriages end in divorce.
6. 67% of all recent marriages will end in divorce.
7. 84% of African-American marriages end in divorce.
8. 40-45% of American children will spend part of their childhood living in a single parent home.
9. Less than 25% of all homes are composed of the biological unit of mother, father, and their offspring.
10. 75% of children of divorce end up going through a divorce themselves.
11. When counselors and therapists who work with with teens asked "What do you see as the major stresses/problems facing today's teenagers?"-- 72% of the respondents listed "Problems arising from parental divorce/remarriage."

Is it any wonder that America is in turmoil and that we are producing citizens who are susceptible to the seductive influence of cultural Marxism? Is it any wonder that an ever-decreasing number of American citizens have any respect at all for the traditional values and principles of this great republic?

It was Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the great Democrat Senator from New York, who famously said, "There is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectations about the future — that community asks for and gets chaos... And it is richly deserved."

Do you see my point? If we are to transform America, we must first transform the family, and we do that by transforming marriage.

For me, it's real simple. If you are married, the greatest thing that you can do for your family is to love, honor and serve your spouse as much as you love, honor and serve yourself. If every single married adult in America followed that simple advice, divorce (and all of the nasty consequences of divorce) would become virtually extinct. What's more, the resulting marital harmony would influence public policy.

Did you know that most married people vote Republican, while most unmarried people (by a 2-1 margin) vote Democrat? Did you know that high school dropouts overwhelmingly vote Democrat (again, a 2-1 margin) and that the children of divorced parents are more likely to drop out of high school? Did you know that, again by a 2-1 margin, people earning less than $30,000 per year are more likely to vote Democrat, and that the children of divorced parents are more likely to earn less than children of married parents?

Those numbers are significant. Tragically, the modern Democrat Party has become the home of the radical left. The lunatic fringe of the left--the cultural Marxists--have hijacked the Democrat Party platform and they are working relentlessly to force feed their agenda to the overwhelming majority who oppose that agenda. A vote for a Democrat, no matter how well intentioned that Democrat happens to be as an individual, is ultimately a vote for a national religion of secular humanism and an American culture dominated by Marxism.

Do you want to have a positive influence on the American culture? Do you want to participate in the culture war and help defeat the forces of the radical left? Do you want to help transform America and spark a national rebirth? Love, honor and serve your spouse as much as you love, honor and serve yourself. Raise your children in a loving, happy, traditional home. Give them a routine, a safe home, two parents living together in that home, constancy in the love and support they receive in that home, and the assurance that their family won't be broken apart. Pray that God would bring that constancy to families all across America. The resulting peace, order and calm that would spread across this nation would bring about a rise in Christian conservatism that we haven't seen in decades.

For Further Information--What the Bible Says About Marriage:

1. Marriage is God's idea--Gen. 2:18-24
2. Commitment is essential to a successful marriage--Gen. 24:58-60
3. Romance is important--Song of Songs 4
4. Marriage holds times of great joy--Jer. 33:10, 11
5. Marriage creates the best environment for raising children--Malachi 2:14, 15
6. Unfaithfulness breaks the bond of trust, the foundation of all relationships--Matthew 5:32
7. Marriage is permanent--Matthew 19:6
8. Ideally, only death should dissolve a marriage--Romans 7:2, 3
9. Marriage is based on the principled practice of love, not on feelings--Eph. 5:21-33
10. Marriage is a living symbol of Christ and the church--Eph. 5:23, 32
11. Marriage is good and honorable--Hebrews 13:4


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I see that we have similar views when it comes to children from divorce families. I found your blog to have scary facts that show how children are affected by single parent homes such as being aggressive towards their adults, younger when became sexually active, and teenage pregnancy rates are higher as well. This is just showing that these children are continuing the cycle of broken homes. I also found it interesting that children who come from single parent homes also tend to have more problems with their children than those who come from families who are not divorced. The topic is actually an issue that should be look at and studied a lot closer, because this is definitely a issue today amongst our society with the simple fact that divorce rates are still on the rise.

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