Saturday, September 08, 2007

in search of republicans who have the courage to go on the offensive

Rabbi Aryeh Spero makes an excellent point (as usual) in his latest column. For far too long, most Republican politicians, including Pres. Bush, have been far too reluctant to criticize Democrats. Over and over again, we see the leaders of the Democrat Party lie, cheat and steal, yet Republicans are afraid to publicly chastise them. We see the modern Democrat Party actively and openly root against our American troops in the war on terror, and provide aid and comfort to our enemies, yet the Republicans are afraid to call them what they are---Anti-American Traitors. We see each and every Democrat candidate for President espouse policies that will weaken our national security, damage our economy, increase the size and scope of federal power, destroy our nation's health care system, drive more Americans into poverty, and take away more of our basic human rights, yet the GOP says nothing.

Rabbi Spero is right. The modern Democrat Party has been hijacked by the radical left, and the radical left hates America. The radical left wants to destroy the free market and replace it with socialism. The radical left wants to separate America from her Christian heritage, and replace that heritage with progressive secular humanism. The radical left wants to destroy the traditional values and principles that America was founded on, and that we the people followed for over 200 years, and replace them with the values and principles of cultural Marxism. The vast majority of Americans oppose the radical left, yet the GOP is afraid to forcefully, aggressively speak out against them. I don't understand why.

Rabbi Spero apparently believes that Giuliani is a man who will go on the offensive and attack the nonsensical leftist agenda. I'm not convinced, and I suppose that's the only part of the column that I disagree with. I do agree, however, that America is very impatiently waiting for someone to step forward and to show the courage to speak the truth. I hope that Fred Thompson is that man, but I'm not convinced. Mike Huckabee might become that man, but he hasn't been aggressive enough as of yet. As for the rest of the GOP candidates, they have shown me nothing.

I will guarantee you one thing. If the GOP nominates someone from The Gang of Mealy-Mouths, as I call them, we will absolutely end up with Pres. Hilary Clinton, and she will probably have a Democrat majority to work with in both houses of Congress. Say hello to the United Socialist States of America!


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