Friday, August 31, 2007

lessons from the larry craig case

The Larry Craig case is all over the news, and it just sickens me. As disgusting as the whole sordid affair is, however, there are lessons we can learn from it.

1. Larry Craig is not being forced to resign because he's gay. The liberal media has trumpeted that particular lie for 2 days now, and it's still as much of a lie as it was then. Larry Craig is being forced to resign by the GOP because he was arrested for trolling for sex in an airport men's room. That's a crime, by the way, that he pleaded guilty to. Many of Craig's fellow senators have known for years that he's gay. They didn't care, so long as he didn't commit any crimes. He did so he's out.

2. Isn't it interesting to compare the GOP response to lawbreakers in their midst to the response of Democrats to criminals in their ranks. If Craig was a Democrat he would just now be receiving a new, more prestigious committee assignment and his fellow Dems would be holding fundraisers for his reelection bid. Tom DeLay had it right when he said today that Republicans fire their criminals, but Democrats reelect theirs.

3. The Craig mess highlights the critical importance of electing men and women of high moral character to public office. Craig was continually reelected despite the rumors about his extra-curricular activities dating back to the 80's. The voters kept sending him back to Washington, and they should be ashamed.


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