Wednesday, September 19, 2007

God Bless America!--a Christian Call To Action

An Essay From EadsHome Ministries:
We have been blessed by God to live in such a wonderful country. When America is at its worst, she is still far above all the other nations of the world. Many times I lament at what has happened to us as a country. In the past 50 years we have seen huge increases in violent crimes, drug use, teenage pregnancy, and divorce. We have also seen God taken out of our schools, our courtrooms, and our workplaces. In 1973 it became legal to murder an unborn baby out of convenience for the mom, and to protect her "rights" without any discussion of the babies' rights. The sins of our nation rise as high as the heavens. Pornography, adultery, and homosexuality have become accepted ways to express our God-given sensual desires. Rape, murder, and rage have filled our streets, and our schools. We have left the standard. We have chosen our own path. Yet in spite of all this I am still very proud to call myself an American.

America has the greatest resources on planet earth for helping those in need. We are feeding starving families in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. We free those who were once captives. We promote democracy, freedom, and peace. We restrain the use of our might by seeking not to conquer peoples, but to liberate them, help them, and support them. We have befriended Israel as she stands against a wall of opposition. We have sacrificed our own sons and daughters so that the world can know peace, prosperity, and happiness. Our Founders were led by God Almighty to accomplish the establishment of a nation unlike none ever seen before, and likely never to be seen again. In a few short years, young America stunned the world with her productivity, education, and technology, and she continues to lead the world in industry, education, technology, and prosperity.

I love Jesus for not only dying for me, but for moving in the hearts of men and women, Christian men and women, to establish this nation that I live in today. Despite all our sins, there is still hope. Our God is slow to anger and is abounding in love and faithfulness. If we will but seek Him, we can be greater than we are today. How great a privilege it is to be an American! God Bless America!!

"Enough is Enough! What if America Were a Christian Nation Again?"
by Pastor James Hughes:
It may be hard to believe, but there was a period of time before our country declared its independence when it was against the law to have any kind of religious meeting, secret or separate from the Church of England, or even to read the Bible in public. Those were considered criminal offenses.

In spite of this extreme pressure from England, the early Puritans and pilgrims read the Word of God and came to realize that things were not right in the Church or in the land. And so in the course of time our early forefathers moved here seeking freedom to worship and freedom to study the Holy Scriptures for themselves.

On July 4, 1776, 56 men representing about 3 million people signed perhaps the most revolutionary document in history: The Declaration of Independence. These men placed conviction above convenience. Some of them lost their homes, their families, their fortunes, and their lives. Although Christians have lost much ground in this nation that was largely founded by Christians, we owe it to our forefathers who sacrificed so much to establish this nation on godly principles to gain back this lost territory. Yes, our country has experienced a great social, spiritual, and cultural decline. But even now historians are coming to realize that the Bible, even more than the Constitution, founded this great nation of America.

May God help us to reclaim this great nation for His Glory—before it is everlastingly too late!

I want to begin by asking this question this morning: “Is it possible for believers [Christians] to reclaim our nation?”

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