Thursday, September 13, 2007

cultural marxism and public education Free Public Education? by Renny Hartmann

This is a great article that is very illustrative of how broken America's public education system is. From the article:

Cities like Washington, DC, cost about $16,000 per student and according to the NAEP, graduate its high school student with mostly a fourth grade reading level. The average educational cost today nationally is nearly $9,000 per student.

Obviously the D.C. school system is the worst-case example, but look at the figures for the nation. $9000 per student is buying, approximately, a 50% graduation rate, and over half of the students who do manage to graduate can't read or write at the appropriate grade level. That means that our very expensive public school bureaucracy is only able to adequately educate one out of every five students they are entrusted with. That is unacceptable!

The solution lies within the Christian conservative philosophy. Treat education as a property right. You paid for it--You bought it--You own it! If you are dissatisfied with the quality of education your child is receiving, you take that $9000 and spend it elsewhere. If you wish to homeschool your children, that $9000 will pay for it.

For the first 100 years of America's history, the government stayed out of the education business. From the article:

Most mandatory public school laws are only about a century old. New Jersey’s law dates from 1874 and requires all young persons from six to sixteen to attend. California (a much younger state) passed its mandatory attendance in 1913. Therefore, the imperative for states to provide free public education is not ancient and immutable. The US Constitution itself says nothing about education. (Federal legislation regarding schools and colleges comes either through the executive for defense or interstate commerce clause.)

Prior to mandatory attendance, children still attended schools, but they were provided privately in homes or through religious organizations or community involvement. Costs were borne directly by those involved.

A return to that type of system would eliminate the influence currently wielded by the devotees of cultural Marxism over public education, and therein lies the problem. The author states that a return to the original philosophy of public education would largely eliminate "political mandates to teach no smoking, pro-condom use, no trans fats, pro-touchy feely socialism, no drugs, pro-pacifism, and every other leftist idea," and "all the nitwit legal spider’s web of what teachers can and cannot say, can and cannot teach (consider the importance of religion in history and literature), all the “politically incorrect” thoughts and actions that are now censored (true censorship because it comes from a government institution)."

All of the above, added together, equals a loss of power and diminished influence over the American culture by the radical left. Believe me when I say that they won't "go gentle into that good night!" That powerful minority of Americans who make up the ranks of cultural Marxism will fight tooth and nail to retain the power they have as a result of government-controlled schools. We the people of the all-too-often silent majority will have to stand up to them and take back that which is rightfully ours--the right to educate our kids free from government interference.

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