Thursday, September 20, 2007

christian conservatism 101

This is an outstanding column by Rebecca Hagelin. I have talked about the myth of American poverty before, and Ms. Hagelin does an excellent job of summarizing the true numbers in this column. The best part of this column, however, is the larger point she made at the end.

So, if we really want to reduce poverty, America's course should be clear: Support timeless values like fidelity, hard work and personal responsibility. We must also reduce illegal immigration and increase the skill level of future legal immigrants. Remember the real answers the next time some politician says it's simply a matter of raising your taxes.

That one paragraph tells us in a nutshell the difference between secular progressive cultural Marxists and Christian conservatives. The modern leftist tells us that the solution to all of society's problems is to raise taxes in order to fund more secular progressive, big government programs. The very predictable result is that the problems get worse, not better. The Christian conservative says that most of our problems can be solved by working hard, becoming self reliant and following God's commands. The very predictable result of the Christian conservative approach is that problems get solved and people's lives improve.

Of course, the latter approach doesn't give much opportunity for liberals to grab more power for themselves. And that's the moral of the story.


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