Sunday, August 19, 2007

will the real mitt romney please stand up, part 2

Last Thursday, I posted comments about the ever-changing positions of Mitt Romney on the abortion issue (see above link). Romney was for abortion, then he was against abortion but also against overturning Roe v. Wade, then he was staunchly pro-choice, and now he is staunchly pro-life. Got it? Oddly enough, the always evolving Kerry (oops! I mean Romney) always seemed to change his position just when he needed a different group of people to vote for him. That's pretty "nuanced," isn't it?

Romney has explained his latest "flip to the flop" by saying that it was the embryonic stem cell research issue that caused him to re-evaluate his position. Do you believe that?

Would you believe that Mitt Romney currently owns stock in two companies involved in embryonic stem cell research? So says Joseph Farah of (

If this is true, then it is further proof of what I said about Romney on Thursday. He is the worst kind of pandering politician. He would say anything to anybody in order to secure their vote. In short, he is John Kerry with a strong jaw. Nothing more, nothing less.


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