Friday, August 17, 2007

u.s. taxpayers are going to fund islamofascism

Imagine for a moment a purely hypthetical situation. Imagine that Jasper, Indiana--a small, predominantly Catholic town in southern Indiana--had decided to fund a brand new Catholic school. The new school would teach the history and traditions of Catholicism. It would teach the traditional Catholic prayers and rituals to the students. The writings and pronouncements of the various popes throughout history would be part of the curriculum. The students would be taught to respect and support the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Question: Just how loud would the screaming be from the ACLU?

Second question: But it's OK to have all of the above in New York City if you subsitute the word "Islam" for the word "Catholic?"

This school is going to draw from a radically Islamofascist mosque just a few blocks away. Why in the world would those nutty leftists in New York's government think that it's OK to provide training, at taxpayer expense, to people who hate America and who want to kill us?

Answer: Because nutty leftists hate America and want to kill us! It's just that simple.


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