Wednesday, August 22, 2007

an indianapolis police officer needs support, not criticism

Officer Adam Chappell of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department has been charged with misdemeanor battery after being accused of kicking and beating a prisoner who was handcuffed and laying on the ground. The incident was videotaped by IMPD cameras and you can view it if you go to the above link.

I am not a bit reluctant to say that I have great sympathy for the officer and that I support him, and I'll tell you why.

First, the video is not at all conclusive as to what the officer's actions were and what precipitated those actions. The officer made no attempt to cover up what he did; in fact, he put it into his report. Officer Chappell stated that the prisoner was resisting arrest and that he kicked and hit 2 officers as they tried to subdue him. Officer Chappell states that he kicked the subject to subdue him. There is nothing in the video that disproves Chappell's version of the story.

Second, this incident took place at Indiana Black Expo or, as I like to call it, Indianapolis' Annual Festival of Rioting, Lawlessness and Civil Unrest. For that brief period of time that Black Expo rides into town, Indianapolis turns into a modern-day Dodge City. Every year Indy sees shootings, vandalism, fighting and public drunkeness become the norm downtown. Law abiding citizens of all races are well advised to stay away from downtown Indy during Black Expo because it's quite likely you will become a statistic if enter the shooting gallery.

I say that because, several years ago, the city of Indianapolis--and by that, I mean the "progressive" Peterson administration--made the decision that actually cleaning up the violence and arresting the criminals and restoring law and order during Black Expo would be tantamount to racism. Imagine that! If we arrest people who commit crimes then we are a racist! Good grief! Only in the upside down, Puff the Magic Dragon world of liberalism could anybody actually believe anything so ignorant!

That's the environment that Officer Chappell was working in. Hundreds of blacks from all over the country were rioting in downtown Indy, and the police are hamstrung in their attempts to restore order. Do you think they get a little frustrated? Of course they do.

I'll tell you this--if the police were allowed to crack down on Black Expo, and arrest all of the criminals, and crack the heads of those who resist, then Indy would be a whole lot safer for blacks and whites.

Alas, there's not much chance of that happening with a Democrat, progressive mayor like Bart Peterson in office!


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