Thursday, July 05, 2007

ok, here's some praise for susan estrich

I bashed liberal columnist Susan Estrich a little bit in my last post, so I owe her praise for the column linked above.

Even though Ms. Estrich is pretty far to the left for my tastes, and even though I'm so far to the right I make Jesse Helms look like Jesse Jackson by comparison, I stll enjoy reading her columns. She seems to be the kind of parent that I respect--the kind of parent who lovingly establishes boundaries, and who lovingly "drops the hammer" when those boundaries are crossed.

She is absolutely right in her criticism of the mom in this column. That mom has abdicated all of her responsibilities as a good parent, and she deserves any and all contempt and ridicule hurled in her direction. I just have one small complaint about the column.

Why did she let the dad off the hook?

When I read the column, of course I was disgusted by the behavior of the immature mom, but I was infuriated by the behavior of the dad. That "father"--and I use that term reluctantly--threw his family in the trash. He treated them no differently than I would an empty McDonald's bag! I have nothing but contempt for a man like that.

Because he has been a lousy dad/husband, his daughter has become promiscuous. That puts her in danger of dealing with literally hundreds of physical/social/economic/mental/emotional problems. Those problems will spill over to future generations, as her children and grandchildren will be adversely affected by her dysfunction.

His ex-wife is a tramp, but that can be layed at his doorstep as well. If he had lived up to his sacred obligation to honor and love her, she very well might not have gone down that path. Yes, she's an adult, and she's responsible for her own actions, but having a faithful and loving husband would probably have made a big difference.

Memo to all you Dads: If you procreate, you have responsibilities that don't end when you put your pants back on. You have a responsibility to be that child's hero, in every sense of the world. That responsibility will never end, either. It is a life-long commitment. That commitment starts with honoring and loving the child's mother, and it continues with resolving to be the "Lion King" of that family.

If you don't honor that commitment, you are not a real man. You're just a chump with an appendage, and you're not worth spit. And that's a fact!


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