Thursday, July 05, 2007

interesting commentary from the declaration foundation

You know, it's fascinating to me to watch the insane hatred being projected upon Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by the left. Liberaliar columnist Leonard Pitts called him "Uncle Clarence" in a recent column. Thomas has been called a "white supremicist in black-face" on the liberal blogs. In the wake of the recent desegregation case, I have seen liberal commentators go so far as to say that Thomas "overruled" Brown v. Board of Education and that he has joined George Wallace "standing in the schoolhouse door."


I have commented on this before, but it bears repeating. There is no clearer illustration of liberal dishonesty, or of the liberal disconnect from reality, than their kooky reaction to this most recent court case.

The cold hard truth is that black children were being denied access to the schools they wanted to attend by white liberaliar school board members. These school board members, or, as I like to call them, the "plantation owners," wanted to keep the black children in their "proper place" in order to further the "diversity agenda." That's no different from the plantation owners of the 19th Century who desired to keep their Negro slaves "in their proper place" in order to further the "cotton picking agenda."

The Louisville busing case just decided didn't "overrule" Brown; it reaffirmed it! Read the following quote from Jed Babbin, editor of

The dissenters to Thursday’s decision, in what is being called the “Parents” case, made a familiar argument: that we should give deference to the local officials who developed these school admission plans, that these local officials, not the constitution or the courts, better reflect “local experience.” The reason that argument sounds familiar is -- as Justice Thomas’ little-publicized concurring opinion shows -- is the same argument made by the segregationists in the 1952 landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education. (Read the whole column at

Bottom line: It is the liberals who are racist. It is the liberals who wish to shrink opportunites for blacks and other minorities. It is the liberals who have no use for the Constitution, particularly the 14th Amendment (which the Louisville busing case so happily reaffirmed). It is the modern liberaliar who stands with the ghost of George Wallace in the schoolhouse door.

Thank God for the conservatives on the Supreme Court who knocked that ghost out of the way in order to expand the educational opportunities for all students!


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