Friday, June 29, 2007

how about that new michael moore flick?

Michael Moore is pretty amazing, isn't he? He's got this new movie out, which advances the premise that France, Britain, Canada and Cuba all have superior health care systems to the United States. It just doesn't get any more dishonest than that, sports fans! Let's go over some easily verifiable facts, shall we?

1. If America's health care system is so bad, why do people from every country of the world move heaven and earth to come to America when they are sick? Remember the T.B. guy who put hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow humans at risk getting back to the U.S.A. because he thought he was going to die in France? What about all of those Cuban refugees who swim with the sharks every year to get to America? Why would they do that if Cuba was so great?

2. Did you know that Britain's Department of Health reported in 2006 that at any given time, nearly 900,000 Britons are waiting for admission to National Health Service hospitals, and shortages force the cancellation of more than 50,000 operations each year?

3. Did you know that Canada, along with only Cuba and North Korea, forbids its citizens from privately paying doctors for treatment? Vancouver’s Timely Medical Alternatives, Inc. arranges for Canadians to be treated in American hospitals. Thus its clients can be operated on within seven days rather than six to 10 months under Canadian government medicine.

4. Moore talks a lot about how 45 million Americans don't have health insurance. Did you know that 26 million of those people make at least $50,000 per year, or that 18 million of those people are young adults in their 20's who don't necessarily want to spend for health insurance because they want to accumulate "things" first?

Here in the Hoosier State, now being run by RINOS and other assorted liberals, a comprehensive health care system was just rammed through the legislature by our Republican, non-conservative governor. It's being paid for by an obscenely high cigarette tax. Now all of the uninsured can get insurance.

Guess what? It turns out that most of the uninsured are there by choice. They don't want health insurance. The governor's office just announced a new "outreach" program to "convince" the uninsured to come out of the shadows and, by golly, accept the socialized health care that the government wants them to have! I wonder how many millions of dollars that outreach program will cost?


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