Sunday, July 01, 2007

finally, a supreme court decision that supports the 14th amendment!

As a counterpoint to the wonderful column by Sean P. Trende, linked above, I offer you the usual liberal tripe from Eugene Robinson at

When viewed in the cold light of harsh reality, this Supreme Court case dealt with two very real human situations: one black child was refused admittance to a Louisville magnet school because they already had "enough" black kids at that school. A second black child was refused admittance to the neighborhood school, located just around the corner from his house, because they already had "enough" black kids at that school. The child was bused to a lower-performing school miles away because that school "needed" more black kids to achieve their "diversity goals." Never mind the fact that the child's neighborhood school had empty seats and could have accepted the child.

The Supreme Court, with their ruling last week, remedied both situations. Only in the la-la land of Marxist liberaliars could this be defined as "standing in the schoolhouse door."

You know what? There are an awful lot of things that Pres. Bush has done that I disagree with. Many of his decisions and actions make me downright angry, and, on the whole, I don't think that he has been a very good president. The two things that he got absolutely right though(besides the tax cuts) were the appointments of Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court. In a presidential career of foul balls, ground outs and strike outs, those two appointments were grand slam home runs! (Bush used to own the Texas Rangers. It's OK to use baseball language.) Those two appointments will have a positive effect on America for at least the next 15 years.

Now, if we could just get Ruth Bader Marxberg to retire in the next year, we would have it made!


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