Thursday, May 17, 2007

you just can't trust the mainstream media to tell the truth

It has been my experience that about half of everything you read and hear from the mainstream media is pure fiction. The other half is usually a distortion of the truth, which means that the mainstream media is pretty unreliable as a source of useful information on the consequential issues of our time. Why is this so? Well, it's because the mainstream media is simply the mouthpiece of modern liberalism (secular socialism) and, as we all should know by now, modern liberalism is a philosophy that is completely detached from reality. Those who inhabit the subculture that El Rushbo lovingly calls the "drive-by media" believe that their sole purpose in life is to establish the liberal agenda as public policy in America, and to destroy the conservative foundation of this great constitutional republic.

Example: The mainstream media tells us a hundred times a day that America is hated around the world, and that it is George Bush's fault. According to the liberal talking points, Pres. Bush's arrogance and incompetence, particularly with Iraq, have destroyed our image with other countries. This is bad, say the liberals, because it is necessary for all countries to love us. The liberals say that we are in mortal danger because the world hates us, and hates Bush, so we must elect a Democrat in 2008 to repair the damage and save America. That sounds pretty serious! There's only one problem with that view.

It is pure fiction.

Take a look at

The truth is that the people of France just elected a conservative, pro-Bush, pro-American to the office of president. The people of Germany elected a pro-America, pro-Bush chancellor. The new prime minister of Canada is pro-America and pro-Bush. There is an excellent chance that the new prime minister of Great Britain will be a pro-American, pro-Bush conservative.

Do you see a trend here? George Bush's policies with regards to Islamofascism are being ratified by the people all across the globe. It seems that only the liberals hate Bush, and the people don't agree with them.

Could that help explain why Congress' approval rating is lower than Pres. Bush's? It doesn't surprise me a bit.


Anonymous Hee-Haw said...


You said: "There is an excellent chance that the new prime minister of Great Britain will be a pro-American, pro-Bush conservative."

News-flash buddy: the new Prime Minister of GB is from Tony Blair's govt (the same left party (labor) that has been in power for last 10 yrs). Do you not read the papers? Or is the version of US news that you watch/read so out of touch with world events that you do not understand how British politics work?

Please make an effort to do a little research before you spread such inaccuracies. If such inaccuracies were by "liberals" you would call them "liberaliars."

3:58 PM  
Blogger hondo said...


"Three candidates have put their names forward to lead the Labour Party: Brown (that's Gordon Brown), and two left-wing candidates, John McDonnell and former environment minister Michael Meacher.

Candidates must win the support of 44 Labour MPs by May 16: if they fail to reach this threshold, they must drop out. Brown is expected to easily secure this number of backers but it is doubtful whether McDonnell or Meacher will do do.

The selection process -- which includes a vote of Labour lawmakers, party members and members of affiliated trade unions -- will then take six to seven weeks, with confirmation by a party conference at the end of June.

Blair will then formally submit his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II, clearing the way for Brown, if the winner, to take over as Britain's leader. Given Labour's majority in the House of Commons, the change does not require an election."

Also from

"Brown has always been considered the favorite to succeed Blair and on Thursday won White House support. (Your views)

U.S. President George Bush said he looked forward to meeting Brown, who he called "an open and engaging person" who "understands the consequences of failure" in Iraq.

There has been much speculation that as prime minister, Brown would form a more distant relationship than Blair with Bush, particularly over Iraq.

And some Westminster observers believe he will move quickly to withdraw the remaining UK troops from the country.

But Jack Straw, Brown's campaign manager, said he did not expect any great foreign policy change.

"You are not going to get a dramatic shift here, but of course you will get a different style of leadership," he told the BBC.

Fact: There are 3 candidates from the Labour Party in line to succeed Blair, and the likely winner is the most conservative of the three (Gordon Brown).

Fact: The Conservative Party candidates poll better than does Gordon Brown. That doesn't bode well for British liberalism when it's time for an actual national election.

Fact: Conservatism beats liberalism every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Stop trying to make it sound like England is on the verge of a plunge into socialism. It's just not true, and it makes you sound uninformed.

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